jlo is the empress who needs a new groove

i like this new song from jlo,
can’t get enough“.

i listened to it on repeat yesterday because in that moment,
it was something that made me happy.
i choose to overindulge in anything that makes me happy.
the beat sounded really good in my headphones too.
i don’t know but i was into it.
i watched the video and i found myself annoyed with jlo…

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Claudette Ortiz Opens Up For Hot 97 (Thank The Lawd)

Claudette-Ortizso everyone knows i love the beautiful claudette ortiz.
even tho she was a little boring in the reunion,
she appears to have a beautiful spirit.
this is her interview at hot 97 yesterday.
this is the person she should have brought to the show…
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J. Cole and Trey Songz Can’t Get Enough of Summer Jam

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkC0RRk4gJ4]

… thought you guys may enjoy this.

I’m just glad I’m not in that crowd.
I don’t fuck around with crowds.

Either box seats, VIP, behind the stageor no Fox.

Oh, and car service back to my crib….
or, your crib/hotel for a night cap.

I plays no games.

Trey Songz: Wolf, Hybrid, or Fox?

You people better stop talking about my Trey Songz like this!!!

I have heard countless people say that they think he is a Fox.
But, in my eyes, I see a Wolf…

Am I looking through Wolf colored glasses?

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