Claudette Ortiz Opens Up For Hot 97 (Thank The Lawd)

Claudette-Ortizso everyone knows i love the beautiful claudette ortiz.
even tho she was a little boring in the reunion,
she appears to have a beautiful spirit.
this is her interview at hot 97 yesterday.
this is the person she should have brought to the show…

could ebro not look like he wanted to eat her pussy right there?
hang on c!
a baller wolf is about to save you!
hang on vix!
his money is about to come in.

lowkey: i love this song from her with mase:

4 thoughts on “Claudette Ortiz Opens Up For Hot 97 (Thank The Lawd)

  1. She has a song called Message To You that is absolutely gorgeous!! Makes me want a whole album from her based on that alone!

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