Stephen Favors Goes Trickin’ in Time Square

Can we say thirsty?


I bet you they did not know that was a dude they were feeling up on.
The ass must have blinded them.

SOOOOO… when can we expect a porno Stephen?
I may tune in.
But please, get some fine dudes.
Them young dust bunnies in Time Square are not only broke looking but dingy.
You haven’t been able to pull any cuties since Chingy.


You need to get together with SweetCheeks from Xtube and learn how she does it.
Stephen better stop fuckin with these dudes emotions before this happens:


maybe this

1 thought on “Stephen Favors Goes Trickin’ in Time Square

  1. LOL @ you need to get together with sweetcheeks.ha. Sweetcheeks homegirl or boy…Cant think of the name is the one that pulls the cuties. Don’t know how these dbusted azz trannies do it…Sweetcheeks will have holes in her panties…Dirty ass socks on…AND THEY LET THEM FILM IT?! I swear sometimes I’m so confused watching these amateur vids…Great j/o material tho…As far as Sidney goes…Meh….Im waiting for this iamjustincruz character or Sidney2.0 as I call him to start releasing his videos…This shit is getting tired…

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