it’s always something with trey songz these days.
all these scandals involving alleged rape…
with this latest scandal on the docket,
he is being sued for 20 mill.
he tore up a vixen’s bootyhole and she is suing via “tmz”…

i remember these alleged claims because mto dropped that back in 2016.
these were the alleged text and hospital bills:

( x story here )
that text message was very interesting when i read it.

nothing worse than saying “no” and someone goes ham in your foxhole.
if these allegations are true,
he isn’t as good as in bed as the fantasy portrayed him to be.
this “violent rough sex” shit he might be into is not sexy.

trey’s lawyers claim there ( x was witness tampering by an alleged victim ).
this is all a mess and even if he tries to release new music,
which his music is highly based on sex,
it’s gonna be a hard sell.
this feels like a humbling season for trey tbh.
i don’t know how this all gonna end up,
but people are starting to be over him.
between the non-interest in his music and the wack onlyfans,
and all the alleged fighting and claims of how he treats vixens,
it didn’t help he pushed the public to turn on him.
if you woulda said this would be the arc of trey when ready came out,
we all woulda looked like:

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. So instead of charging him with rape, we sue people now, wow! I mean you seen the dick so. Guess they get the dick then claim rape after he literally rip them a new one.

  2. He should consider music to a gay audience. Gay men smile after a good booty tearing. We eat booty tearers and terrors for breakfast.

  3. Hmm. This is why I’m not a fan of rough sex at all. The penetrator thinks it’s what the receiver wants cause of that cat-mouse game “lemme get that ass” but if they really ain’t bout that life that day then it’s gon be a whole problem…ain’t no pounding me…and if he gets off by being aggressive…then it would have happened more than once before…i think the girl was into it and he got too rough with it. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m not normally in a mindset to question the accuser but something about that text exchange don’t seem right either. If we fuckin’ fuckin’ on the regular..for years…why would i refer to it as an anus? Nahhhhh Fam this is an ass. Lol especially if it hurts? Idk bout this one

    1. ^ rough sex is both parties are wanting it.
      i feel like if every session is rough and aggressive,
      the aggressor doesn’t really like you and take their frustrations out on you via sex.
      i’m not into being degraded on the regular.
      that’s cool if it was discussed in advanced but mofos out here will hurt you physically and think nothing of it.

      1. wasn’t there a recent case with an NFL player who was being sued by a woman who said something similar, the sex was rough/aggressive and that she didn’t want that…only to have their text exchange wipe out all of her credibility?

        Side note, looking at the bill she got…they charge an after hours fee ($58)?!!

  4. My working theory is Trey misses having sex with men (Brandon Hines) or can’t have it as often, so he takes his frustrations out on these women by doing the act he really wants to do. shrug

  5. Umm right now I can say yeah and tomorrow make these same claims hello not always so I mean really

  6. Well Damn….I’m just gonna 👋🏾 my hand….I just can’t say a word!!! 😕😕😕😕🤔🤔🤔

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