Trey Songz Gains A Reality Show (Jamari Fox Gains Utter Confusion)

i usually call him by “tremaine”,
but with this nonsense,
he is “trey songz” today.
so trey songz is either trolling or wants us to laugh… at him.
he has a reality dating show coming out on v-h1.
when i think of anyone who does reality shows,
i think:

a) career on the decline
b) career on the “d” line
c) gon’ crazy

well his show will be hosted by draya and steelo brim.
check out the trailer

can an f-bi id the bee broach on his dress shirt in ^that screen shot?
to the entry tho…

has it cum to this?
even the name of it is blah.

i’m trying to ignore the painfully obvious acting.
is this even real?
when did he find time to do this?
i follow him on snap and he is always in the studio or doing other shit.
maybe i missed the “reality show filming” part.
if this is real,
the fact it’s not even on tv but a v-h1 web series……..

is it drugs?
you can tell me.
you can find out more about “tremaine the playboy“:


lowkey: i like the shirt,
“thank god it’s tremaine” on the website.
that should actually be the name of a future album.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Trey Songz Gains A Reality Show (Jamari Fox Gains Utter Confusion)

    1. I just read it’s a parody that’s going to be used to promote his next video.At least that’s what somebody said on Draya’s page.That sounds reasonable since it’s not even on tv.

  1. File this under when the checks stop coming but the bills still gotta be paid. I stop caring when I saw Draya was the host, I already knew Fuckery could not be far behind. Praying this will go away as quick as it came. I guess this tired and stale formula never gets old, and we will be bless with a new social media phenomenon in the form of the girl who acts the biggest donkey on this show. I am giving this a Return To Sender!


  2. What if…….. this is his coming out show. He Can’t Find A Girl He Likes So The Show Ends With Him ANNOUNCING HE found the man of his dreams…..

  3. Nah, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I have a feeling this is going to be along the lines of The Real Husbands of Hollywood. Kind of like a show poking fun at dating shows. Dating shows are TOO played out at this point for someone of his caliber to partake in. I say this with no bias, as I’m not a fan of his, but I know his career is not on the decline just yet.

  4. J, did u catch how fine Steelo Brim is looking wit that beard tho? I’m cool wit just watchin him and Trey for a season lol..

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