Markeith Rivers and His Prey (Exposed)

/the following entry is parental advisory and nsfw.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

the f-bi came through.
as usual.
markeith rivers,
the jackal who outs his dl prey,
has released his victims to the world.
on pornhub under “the dl detective”.
this is a quick sample of what he put up…

he has the nerve to block himself,
but expose everyone else.
that says a lot.
judging from the prey and the videos,
he seems to have lured a lot of hood foxes out of hiding.
many of them are fingering themselves.

legs up in the air.
ones who were probably inexperienced and thought they could trust him.
nothing worse than putting your trust in someone and getting betrayed.
if you want to see his pornhub:


lowkey: markeith gets smashed in one video.
he needs to throw up the video of him getting his brains fucked out.
he seems concerned with how he looks in the video tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

42 thoughts on “Markeith Rivers and His Prey (Exposed)”

  1. That boy is playing with his life. He survived this time. Next time, im sure they’ll finish the job if he keeps this messiness up.

  2. I don’t know what on God’s green Earth he is doing to pull these stupid dudes, i mean how are guys constantly falling for this?

      1. It never did since the introduction of the internet, telephone, television, radio, and pratically any modern device that is used for us to connect and communicate with.

  3. Yall do know that he got shot sometime late last year by one of the guys! Unfortunately, he is still doing this shit! Next time his ass may not be so lucky! I would think being shot would be incentive to stop “outing” people.

      1. On Facebook he said he only meets up with guys who mention that they have girlfriends or say they on the DL.I am not sure if he meets them thru gay apps or gay sites but he claims they all are in relationships with women.

  4. Jamari. Where’d you get that video of homeboy finger fucking that prostate? And if I showed up to a hook up and saw this bop ass nigga with dreads, I’d be out. Yuck.

  5. Has he relocated to a different town because wouldn’t everybody be familiar with his reputation and antics by now?

  6. Whats worse is he’s gaining notoriety by his antics like to see him on pornhub with over 400 subscribers is depressing smh i think if he was in NYC or Philly he would have been killed by now….actually i know he would have

    1. Shiiiid don’t forget Baltimore. I mean I have a follower on there that hits it raw and would always have his freak sessions on his IG page and he currently lives in B-More. I’m surprised that he hasn’t be killed either.

    1. ^what does God have to do with a real life demon?
      don’t blame God.
      blame his parents.
      blame life for turning him to be so cruel and heartless.
      markeith rivers don’t have nothing to do with God.

      1. Also, blame infamy, social media, low self esteem, the esteem of others, and finally lack of any type of financial backing from a steady paying job and living conditions.

  7. For some reason I believe either these dudes are in on it or NC is soft. I can’t understand how he can keep going on like this.for this long. I think we should stop entertaining his antics, but he has a fan base among bitter black women, so it won’t have much effect.

  8. When I went to school in NC, it was really so easy to pick up DL dudes. Everyone was so laid back.. Especially the hood dudes.

  9. The South is very Different than any where else…These DL guys don’t know each other and a lot of them are not on the net..Sometimes it is catch as catch can, he meets them and set up the dates at a hotel/motel and looking at the men there is money involved sometimes..The guys he is picking up are not the brightest light bulbs in the box. Listen to the conversation. I grew up in the South and I am back living at Home, it is not a stretch for me to understand how he does it. Someone will definitely catch on though and he is going to get the wrong one, one more time..Dumb Hicks are not always as dumb as you think!

    1. That’s true. Because here in Louisiana, you got some of the biggest DL dudes running around New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Primarily in Baton Rouge because those dudes low key live for getting their G-Spots tickled by some fingers and ding-a-ling. Plus, some of the “girls” are hella messy and will expose the hell out of you on social media. (i.e. shadericka Emery and Messie Cee). I mean I don’t get why these bitter black women love it when “faggots” I mean jackals and hyenas expose the hell out of wolves who aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.

    2. if he is paying them and then putting them on social media then that’s sad. some people are gay for pay and its not right that he is taking away their choices.

  10. I am not fond of the DL life. I get society and how things work but still I don’t agree with it. With that being said this creep need to find him some business and get happy. Who asked him to do this? Why did he need to take this upon himself? I don’t understand people like that. Little jerk probable just wants to be seen. He cares nothing about these men and their deception. He is just like a little child “Look At Me”. Homeboy better grow up! He need to find himself some purpose aside this waste of time behavior and prepare for the “Karma” that is on it’s way because he more than has it coming.

  11. So apparently he didnt learned a lesson at all. And why are they letting him top them, ewww. He seems like a bottom bitch that is trying to use his dick for the first

    On a positive note: a little of the dudes are kinda cute. lol

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