I’ll Take Another Shot of Lavarcier

i still think lavarcier is sexy af.
if he was into “foxhole”…

…i would let him be all up in mine.

lavarcier looks like the type you can’t resist.
and he is cumming to new yawk for a fashion show too?
do i need to post ^that “wet” emoji again?
he has a movie coming out where he’s gonna have a sex scene.
it’s called “the mind’s mine”.
it’s brought to you by the good folks over at khaleel garcia’s company,
imagine world studio.
i’m ready for it.

lowkey: lavarcier is muslim.
aren’t they the ones who have like 50-11 wives?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “I’ll Take Another Shot of Lavarcier

  1. lmao he resembles my oldhead in the face but my oldhead is bald with a beard and is tall and slim…they weren’t lying when they said everyone has a twin

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