I’ll Kill For You (Mother).

“oh mother…”
everyone was telling me watch “bates motel” on a&e.

it was the re-vamped prequel to the movie series,
i was like “eh”.
i didn’t want to watch anything creepy.
i was pushed when i saw rihanna was going to be on it.
she would be playing the legendary character,
“marion crane”.
the one who was stabbed up in the shower in the first “psycho”.

well i started the series on netflix last weekend and ended it today.


why is it so under rated?
i feel it should have been cleaning up during award seasons.

the show centered around norman bates and his mother,
norma bates.
it showed his evolution from:

mamas boy


the thing that bugged me with norma is everything was all her fault.
she was trying to hide that norman has an issue.
she didn’t want to come to terms with it.
she kept him sheltered and created a psycho.
no pun intended.
the show was deep af.
i love complex characters and their issues.

every season had these interesting side plots with other characters.
his brother dylan being the center of many.
from the first season,
it was like a roller coaster that i didn’t want to stop.
i was so sad at the end of season 4,
but i knew what went down had to happen.
after all,
it was why he turned into…


i want to talk about ittttttttttttttt with you.
i also want to talk about this older wolf:

sheriff alex romero.
he is sexy as hell.
he would do anything for norma.
he acted like he didn’t love her,
but he did.
i love a wolf like that.
you have until feb 20 before the final 5th season starts.


every season is currently on netflix.
10 episodes a season.
get on it.

lowkey: i loved the backdrop of the show.
from how the hotel looked to norma’s car.
i don’t know what era that is.

Author: jamari fox

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