amber rose pops up back up with some news

i was wondering what happened to amber rose.
i haven’t seen her in a while.
summer is around the corner so i was ready for her thirst traps.
well she has been dating a wolf named ae,
friend of tyga.
it seems to be really serious:

no really,
it’s serious.
she posted this today…

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I’ll Kill For You (Mother).

“oh mother…”
everyone was telling me watch “bates motel” on a&e.

it was the re-vamped prequel to the movie series,
i was like “eh”.
i didn’t want to watch anything creepy.
i was pushed when i saw rihanna was going to be on it.
she would be playing the legendary character,
“marion crane”.
the one who was stabbed up in the shower in the first “psycho”.

well i started the series on netflix last weekend and ended it today.
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I Think This Should Scare The Boy’s Straight (Whatchu Thankin?)

bildeif you don’t get your shit together,
this could be your home for a very long time.
well, not you.
the foxhole doesn’t have ragga in the den.
no this is for the “bad boys” of the world.
well on the next beyond scared straight,
they put the boys in the alternative lifestyle unit,
aka CELL BLOCK “D… I C K”,
of fulton county, ga.

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