I Think This Should Scare The Boy’s Straight (Whatchu Thankin?)

bildeif you don’t get your shit together,
this could be your home for a very long time.
well, not you.
the foxhole doesn’t have ragga in the den.
no this is for the “bad boys” of the world.
well on the next beyond scared straight,
they put the boys in the alternative lifestyle unit,
aka CELL BLOCK “D… I C K”,
of fulton county, ga.

“…oh for you two gurlz,
dem men that ya’ll tryna impress,
by doin’ all this shit fo…
he gon’ cum to a bitch like me, okay?”

*miss thing with the poppin’ eye shadow runs up*
rye hurr.
this is my wife rye hurr.
see what im sayin?
this is what i do.
that’s what i like.
he came in hurr ackin’ all hard ‘n’ manly”

thats all i said to myself.
am i the only one scared of jail?
big bubba would break his pipe off in my pretty ass twenty ways til sunday.
i can’t.
i dunno why chris brown try to be a goon in these streets..
he wouldn’t last two seconds in the big house.
what he gonna do when they bum rushin’ for those cheeks?
have a dance battle?

tumblr_mb0u3viiB11rdehy9o1_500_thumblowkey: well supposedly all the hot wolves are in the big house.
you will be doing their laundry and ironing tho.
that hhh (happy hubby housework).

did this episode already air?

eta: so i guess it came on…
in october?
wshh had it on as a recent video.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I Think This Should Scare The Boy’s Straight (Whatchu Thankin?)”

  1. Black men wearing wigs and make-up somehow always manage to make it on TV.I’d role-play Prison-bitch for a night but that’s as far as I’m going.I feel like my whole would be destroyed for good if I let a prison have a go at it.

      1. Trannies get all the fine wolves.It’s a win win for both.The tranny gets some wolf dick and the wolf gets some man-booty.If people find out about the hook-up, the wolf will say he thought it was a girl.

  2. *starts crying* Ok, ok, I am scared straight. That dude was bitched out, he had a damn shoestring in his hair. I bet he didn’t go in the pin like that.

    I am curious as to how prison rape/sex works tho? Niggas aren’t clean right? So….that means dudes are packing fudge? Do they not care? I don’t get it.

    I was arrested several years ago, but I wasn’t in a cell, more like a small room for a few hours. I know if I had to do hard time, they would get me and pass me around like a joint. They would rape me like that bull raped Peter on Family Guy. I’d be hollering and screaming but it wouldn’t do any good and I would have to relinquish.

  3. So sad to say you all that this is not a joke but everyday reality all around the country. I have worked in this industry and have pretty much seen it all. Queens love jail, because they are treated like royalty. You can watch MSNBC lock up to get a lot of information about this. I actually had a stunt queen friend who met a boy in jail, got out of jail and would take things to the boys baby mama like money, diapers, etc and she knew what the deal was and accepted that he was his jail house boo. The rules change when you are locked up. Any man who serves more than 3 years has had a jail house fling no matter what he tells you. They are men and do what they got to do until they get out and live a heterosexual life again. Contrary to popular belief, men are not spreading HIV and AIDS in prison like you think. All inmates are tested upon arrival to prison and are separated and segregated if they are found to be HIV positive. Note this is not the case in the County jail systems only in prisons. You havent lived until you see a ex-con who is built like a New York Giants linebacker at 6ft tall 250lbs in a blonde wig, tight mini-skirt and pumps. Mind your manners boys unless you are about that life. On another note, the boys on the street have nothing on the boys locked up lol, I have seen some of the finest men on earth behind bars, of course they are crazy sociopaths but damn they fine LOL….

  4. I WASN’T READY lol (in my Kevin Hart voice) lord i don’t see how people do prison..my brother is locked away and won’t be home until 2031 when i’m in my 40’s (I’m 26 btw) they got that it’s just crazy how some people become institutionalized (both in prison and on mentally on the streets) to accept a subpar life…smh idk but that clip just made me cringe….

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