amber rose pops up back up with some news

i was wondering what happened to amber rose.
i haven’t seen her in a while.
summer is around the corner so i was ready for her thirst traps.
well she has been dating a wolf named ae,
friend of tyga.
it seems to be really serious:

no really,
it’s serious.
she posted this today…

oh wow.
congrats to her.
i didn’t think she’d have another kid for a while,
but it seems she’s serious about this one.
ae is cute:

how oldis he?
he is the vp of a&r for def jam.
so he’s employed,
which is good.
i guess she vanished because they was fuckin’ extra heavy.
good for them.
i hope this one works out.

lowkey: i wonder if blac chyna is next?

6 thoughts on “amber rose pops up back up with some news

  1. She never should have left Wiz, I know she regrets that mistake every day. She tried to get back with him but he was like nope you’re good! I think she thought her punani was so good that he would come back running but he was like you know what I tried to make a wife out of a ho but a ho will be a ho so 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️. Anyway who is this guy? It’s stupid to get pregnant by this kid cuz he is just getting his start and she just wants to kick in that child support money but it’s not even good money! Lol

  2. She always ends up with lame guys. Happy for her but she likes guys with prepubescent swag lol

      1. Ya know what I hate to say this but I think you’re right she’s the equivalent of a hood blow up doll she’s good arm candy and when their done on to the next but I hope the best for her cause nigga’s treat these kinds of chicks like designer brands and then discard once the newness wears out.

      2. Have you guys ever thought about the fact that she actually likes the lame guys who WILL treat her good. And why would she need richer guys she pulls in 200K a month just off Instagram. She was with Kanye during the height of his career and that was enough for her, he probably put her thru hell.

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