jonathan gilberto has that curv-age

it’s hump day,
so why not?
so one of my handsome foxhole favs,
jonathan gilberto

“Oh hey,

…is packing major meat.
not only in the front…
so he posted this last week on his stories:

but it wasn’t until he posted the video


my jonathan has stupendous cake.
do you see that curv-age?
that wolf blessed.

you know i knew i was gay because of curv-age?
i remember being in gym class.
this one wolf had his shirt in his jeans.
when he turned to the side,
all you saw was the curv-age of just one cheek.
curv-age lets me know you are carrying big tail.
whenever i think someone has tail,
i wait until i see the confirm of the curv-age.

it hasn’t failed me yet.

lowkey: i’d watch jonathan’s sex tape.
i’d pray for whoever was in it tho.
jonathan isn’t exactly carrying sandwich meat.

pictures/videos cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “jonathan gilberto has that curv-age”

  1. Is his peen showing in the pic? I don’t like the way he stands, but damn he should’ve been in The Naked Nine. I’m still waiting to see those photos. Ughh!

      1. yes so true the twitter account link from last year is still up @bigdickknyc2011
        …you can tell it’s him by the tats, body and the major D. wow J. you are right dude is packing the full meal and desserts and he is family based on the entries read

  2. Have yall not seen his nudes on Twitter? He has a “secret” Twitter page where he shows it ALL. His dick is AT LEAST 12 inches. Sheesh.

  3. He’s bowlegged. I’ve noticed that most bowlegged men have some serious cake. I think they just stand/walk with it tooted out or something.

    That’s so damn funny Jamari. That was how I knew too. If some bouncy cheeks walked by I was hypnotized. I swear some pineapples be showing off, they can’t be that clueless.

  4. Another one whose always going exotic or internationally places with no career to speak of. There is some sugar daddy/ mama somewhere lurking. Only dedicated to working out. Right. What’s the untold story bh this shadow twitter? What’s he really doing with that pipe? lol

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