Tremaine Will Put The Paws On You Over His Angels

tremaine is about that life.
he has a few mug shots to prove it.
he is also about his fan base,
the “angels”,
lives as well.
at his album release party @ the highline ballroom in new yawk,
some male hyenas were pushing the “angels” out the way.
they wanted to be up close and personal to see tremaine.
there is something wrong with that entire sentence.
well some alleged beef went down and then this happened

well excuse me!
tremaine ain’t beyond handing out ass whuppins for his “angels”.

i respect his motives tho.
i’d defend my foxhole if they were being disrespected.
you can say what you want about tremaine,
but he loves his fan base.
most of them have been down with him since the first album.
he even recognizes his die hards in different states.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: that velour cowboy shirt he is wearing in the video….

…is not about that life tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Tremaine Will Put The Paws On You Over His Angels”

  1. What caused him to get such a big head? I really do not understand it. If the music was poppin I would understand but damn.

    1. I have to agree with you Man! Aside from a track here and there off each album…his music sounds the same! I’ll fuck you so good the neighbors will know my name, chillin in the club, fuckin you in various positions,etc.

      No artistic growth, and you can only go so far with your looks. I mean he’s handsome…but he’s not one I’d go crazy over.

      Sorry, J. Lol

  2. “some male hyenas were pushing the β€œangels” out the way.
    they wanted to be up close and personal to see tremaine.”

    I’m very interested to see how these men looked. only because I can’t see Trey trying to start some mess with some tough looking about that life niggas

  3. Isn’t that lightskin guy behind Trey in those videos one of the guys you posted on here recently? Forgot his name. He’s kinda cute.

  4. Trey ain’t going to do shit… got a whole entourage behind you talking tough. Notice he didn’t jump down there and moved them himself. August toothpick ass call him and said he was ready to give Trigga the fade….but he backed down.

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