Marilyn Monroe Turns Over In Her Grave and Throws Up

“oh dear”…
marylin monroe was a force to be reckoned with back in her prime.
even in death,
she is still the role model to many a snow bunnies with thot mindsets.

she also had a symmetrical face.
many white actresses have been pegged “the new marylin monroe” and failed miserably.
well a new “fail” tried her hand at recreating marilyn.
check who

for “love magazine”.

they could at least have given her a blonde wig.
the only one who i’ve seen re-create marylin in pictures,
and killed it,
is former taz angel,
ashley martelle:

i dunno what ken-dull was doing.

lowkey: are the kardashians still the move?
i don’t even see them around as much anymore.
i guess trump is the new attentionisto on the block.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe Turns Over In Her Grave and Throws Up”

  1. 😐 Yeah they tried it, ashley martelle killed that shoot, in certain pics she look just like her.

    P.S. I saw “My week with Marilyn” a few years ago and while Michelle Williams didn’t really look like her she captured her essence wonderfully.

  2. Funny cause she captured in that video Jacky Kennedy( which is still a compliment) than Marilyn Monroe 😎

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