This Letter Gives A New Meaning To “Take The Wood” (Fraternity)

i couldn’t do a fraternity.
i can “do” a fraternity wolf,
but i can’t do all that hazing nonsense.
i’m not being degraded so i can be accepted.
i’ve been to a few parties were frat wolves were in attendance,
and i loved the comradery of what i witnessed,
but i can’t deal with what you gotta do to achieve it.
so mto got an anonymous letter about what one had to do in hazing.
i didn’t know alleged gay sex was part of hazing nowadays.
a vix-bi sent me the lead like so…

I’m biracial with a white mother (never met my dad) and she raised me in a white suburb in New Jersey. Because of that, I decided to go to New York for school and join a [Black] fraternity my junior year. I was inspired to become more pro-Black and explore my black side. I wanted to learn more about black brotherhood and explore the side I had been missing out on. What I got was about 2 months of humiliation, intimidation, and an intro into disturbing and gay activity- all for letters.

[One] night we all got in trouble, Instead of taking wood, we had to line up and close our eyes.

Now the only way I can describe what happened next is, it was like that scene in the movie Burning Sands when they had to basically line up to f*ck the same girl (which we also did), only this wasn’t a girl. It was a dude I recognized from the track team.

He had a girl and everything, she lived in my dorm Freshman year. When it was my turn to be with him, we agreed that I would just get he*d. My LBs said they did the same but who knows. It isn’t the first time we’ve done sh*t like that and I was surprised at how casual everyone’s attitude towards the gay sh*t was (except a couple of my LBs).

My question to yall is does what I did for my letters make me gay and if I were to ever open up to a female and tell her about this do you think I will get rejected and exposed? I only took part in the pledging process once after I was made. I only beat the pledges, I didn’t do none of that gay shit but I was in the room or playing lookout during some of it.

it’s mto so take this with a grain of salt,
but it could be true too.
there are so many gay/bi frat wolves out here.
i hear the kappas are notorious for allegedly getting down.

as far as his inquiry,
i don’t think one gay act with a male makes one gay.
so many “gay for pay” males out here.
everyone is experimenting out in these forests.
he has to question his integrity tho.
if someone wants something bad enough,
they’ll sell their soul to get it.
that’s how i kinda view some males who get into frats.
they went above and beyond humiliation,
did things that went against their beliefs,
just to be in an organization after.
something to think about.

lowkey: now if you had to ask me to fuck my line leader,
who happened to look like:

i’ll be taking that whole wood.

article cc: mto

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “This Letter Gives A New Meaning To “Take The Wood” (Fraternity)”

  1. That’s a tame story considering what sometimes goes on. Just know going into any situation if you are giving up control of huge parts of your life for an uncertain outcome. A couple of “black” fraternities were active on my campus but my interest in them stopped when they started talking about wanting money to pledge and dues. That was a no go for me. The Non black frat I did join had about a 30 percent ratio of black members and there was no hazing beyond sweep this room etc. The dues were affordable and they had a frat house. I got lifelong friends and don’t regret a thing. The worst story of pledging was an Alpha buddy of mine. He was fat and they told him they were gonna drop him. Basically they coerced him into a night of a night of sex with 4 Brothers to get over. He did it and it took a while to share what happened to him so there is definitely a huge code of silence for the Black frats and sororities. Broken limbs and hospital visits aren’t uncommon during pledging for them.

    1. Coercion vs Consent.
      Blurry Line
      I can imagine it took him a long time to discuss it.It may not technically be rape but I bet he felt shame similar to what survivors of rape or sexual assault feel.I wonder if there was alcohol involved?

      Personally I don’t understand how humiliating and degrading your “brothers or sisters” builds unity.But if others want to do it,go for it.

      BTW I am well aware of the good work the black Greeks do in the community and am also aware of non Greek organizations that do great work volunteering,mentoring,etc

      1. I was trying to be vague but it involved a late night call a couple of days before pledging was over to say get over to big brothers’. Then when you get there you’re told they gonna drop you because you’re Fat. Then the only way out is the deal and you got twenty minutes to get ready. That’s why I labeled it coercion. Either way it’s a shitty way to treat anyone after they went through most of pledging. Some people get off on being in control of someone else. It saddens me most when I used to see pledge lines on campus with broken arms and such. You Didn’t see that with the non black frats. White frats may kill you with alcohol and stupid hazing accidents but the black frats seemed to get off on breaking down their pledges. Sometimes it crosses then line.

      2. “Personally I don’t understand how humiliating and degrading your “brothers or sisters” builds unity.But if others want to do it,go for it.”

        I will never understand it either. I had that very argument in a former group I used to belong to. The issue of hazing came up and I made the comment that if you had to be degraded by people in order to “belong” or “fit in” why would you want to be around those people afterwards? The answers were amazing and the anger spewed at me by frat brothers was crazy.

        They feed on insecurities of the pledges. The pledges like the fact that they are “cool” or with the “in” crowd, and the fact that many of these fraternities have great networks and connections in corporate America. Whatever.

        I will not allow myself to be degraded by anyone, nor will you put your hands on me. Only my parents could do that. That’s permission for me to unload on your ass…and not in a good way.

  2. But why the first paragraph sounds like the synopsis to the ” The Colin Kaepernick Story” I can’t!

  3. It’s crazy how I just finished watching that movie on Netflix and is in bed surfing the web. And here you have it as your recent post. What are the odds. I couldn’t a be in a fraternity but I can do a fraternity 🤤😊

  4. It’s funny you posted this story. A friend of mine was telling me a story the other day about what happened at one of our friends house in D.C during D.C Pride(unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend). Our friend is gay(not openly though) and is a Kappa. My friends stayed at his house during pride weekend and it stumbled on the same weekend of our friends’ meeting with his LBs.
    My friend told me that everyone was having a great time at the house and that every single one of the Kappas was FINE AF. When it started to get late, he noticed that a couple of the LBs had stayed back while the others left to go home and that’s when things got interesting. The LBs started to get really flirty and started taking numbers from some of my friends. Then it went all the way left…
    One of the LBs got a call from a friend saying that he was exposed and all of his nude photos of him and a guy was posted on social media. They found out who the guy was, went to his house, fought him, then came back and proceeded with the night like nothing happened. I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing, but it was completely insane!

  5. I believe they make you do questionable, homoerotic things and I do believe they ran a train on a girl, but I don’t believe they all fucked the same guy.

    This sounds like some fantasy story honestly.

    I’m finding that there are wayyyy more gay alphas than Kappas these days.

    Yes Ques do hop around naked but that’s always been the way they are. I dare a gay dude to attempt to touch one of their bare asses and see how left it goes really quick! Lol

    Guys in general engage in homo-ish behavior when they are under the assumption no one is actually homosexual. Like guys patting each other on the ass in sports or sleeping in the same bed. It’s all good until they suspect you actually are gay lol

      1. Yeah not exactly a fan of fraternities and sororities but since this is a dumb question. Why would you want to tell someone about this particular part of your process? Lol

        They risk a lot with hazing but I don’t believe they’d risk someone dropping line and telling everyone this chapter makes you fuck some big booty track star lol. People will believe that shit and the chapter reputation will be ruined.

        Sounds like a great plot for a flick though! Lol

    1. “Guys in general engage in homo-ish behavior when they are under the assumption no one is actually homosexual.”

      Pretty much

  6. Yea, I know of a few frats brothers who get down. There is no way in hell I would want to be a part of any activities like that tho. It is like some of the dudes use hazing as excuse to participate in gay shit lol.

  7. Okay, so this story according to Pawn and OPM1988 said that it came from Lipstick Alley. So my thought on this is that Black Greek Letter Organizations does have some homoerotic undertones. Primarily from the black males. I think when it comes to what this anonymous black greek mulatto Colin X carbon copy boy, I feel that he should’ve just discovered his black roots the right way instead of becoming lost like Colin X. Yes, it is rumored allegedly that Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity brothers do engage in homosexual acts (gay kappa wedding anyone?)

    Now another incident dealing with black greek fraternity brothers was the infamous “Omega Psi Phi Oil Spill” video had way too much homoeroticism in it. The majority of men were hopping around with their asses out and to me it look very gay as hell! Like these men must’ve love having that “wood” on them. So, in conclusion, these hazing incidents are getting way too out of hand and I wouldn’t be too surprised if anyone from the divine 9 would spill tea about all of the alleged activities from gay sex to rape to drug use etc. would be exposed. This elitist or the black boule will destroy the black community if we’re not careful.

  8. That is actually from an LSA post:

    I don’t necessarily think the person is lying, but it’s hard for me to have much sympathy for people who sell their souls for status.

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