“Make Sure You Hug A Black Child. People Love That Shit!”

this is not a photoshop.
that was ya’ll president down in houston at a shelter.
he brought crayons,
coloring books,
and awkward smiles.
this is the video of that little cub running up to him…

…and even more fun:



watching as you lose all your belongings is a “wonderful thing to watch”.
all those black folks rushing to get a selfie tho…
that bugged me for some reason.
he also couldn’t contain his shadiness about the media:

would he have “gone into those winds” too?

13 thoughts on ““Make Sure You Hug A Black Child. People Love That Shit!”

  1. at the end of the day, he’s damn if he do and he’s damn if he don’t. those people don’t care about none the bullshit people making a big fucking deal out of, these people lost everything that they ever worked for. so let put I don’t like him aside give him credit that he shown that he care.

    1. @Deron…that’s just it, he don’t care. This was a media moment for a social media personality.
      His concern is image and ratings.

      1. you can’t say what somebody feel and don’t feel, because you and I are not those people.
        you wouldn’t want somebody tell you how you feel, when you know I you feeling.
        the same goes for this situation.
        if you don’t like the man that’s fine, its not far for you to say how somebody feeling and thinking when you not that person.

  2. Well I can’t stand #notmyPresident Trump.I couldn’t stand him when he was a candidate.I couldn’t stand him before he ran for office because of his obsession with Obama’s place of birth.My feeling about him prior to that was indifference.Less than 4% percent of black women voted for him so obviously he had very little support from us.

    Are there some Black people who like him? Of course and I am sure his advance team made sure those people met him.Just like that made sure that Black guy was front and center at that Phoenix Rally.

  3. Someone got a nice payoff. We all know he pays black actors to attend his rallies and strategically places them behind him as well.

      1. It WAS forced. He didn’t want to be there anymore than they wanted him there…even though most in Texas voted for him.

      2. It’s well-known Trump is very good w/people one-on-one, it’s the other shit that goes off the rails.

    1. That’s a lie. I know plenty of black people who actually like Trump. Stop with the nonsense. So black actors were actually in a shelter getting food?

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