Then I Swallowed All Your Nut After (Sends Text) (Zooms In)

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 6.07.02 PMhow crazy is this shit?
got me looking over my shoulder when i text in public now.
so miley cyrus at some after party and the papz are outside,
but zoomed into her screen and recorded the entire thing.
i can’t!
i was watching a video of wendy’s hot topics and well…

starts @ 5:50:

nasmadshe better be glad she wasn’t sending cooch shots!
knowing her tho…
lord knows if i was a celeb,
and i was having a mean sext convo with a baller wolf,
i would be so embarrassed and outed.
i goes in with the sex talk.
bad enough ( x the new ios 7 ) is big and bright.
i know 1 thing
these black d/l celebs better watch their backs…

lowkey: i would love to see the text messages of songzbird,
 breezy wolf,
the game,
and every baller wolf.
i know that must be some good readings.

Author: jamari fox

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