The “Weird AF”-ness That Is Cam Newton

can we talk about cam newton’s status messages on ig?
how long does it take him to write that computer coded language?
shit looks like it will give my phone a virus.
even though i think cam newton is sexy,
he is also weird af.
he is so weird that his outfits work,
even if they are paired in the most disjointed way possible.
everyone has been trying to crack the code,
of his recent status message

that gave me a headache.
maybe that is the point?
so everything thinks that is some code for his alleged “coming out”.
bad enough,
the verse is from a jay’s song “smile” on “4:44”.
that is where he revealed his mother,
gloria carter,
is a lesbian.
cam is just weird so i don’t know what to think.
if this is a confession,
then congrats to him.
i think he is just being his regular “cam newton” self.
weird af with absolutely no fucks to give.
there is freedom in being free,
regardless of sexuality.

lowkey: a foxholer said that allegedly cam newton has that fire.
that fire meaning the best sex/private parts you done ever had.

you usually have no fucks to give when you know you got that fire.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The “Weird AF”-ness That Is Cam Newton”

  1. Cam just stirring the pot as usual nothing much to see in my opinion outside of the hieroglyphics he types in. And I believe the foxholer Jamari cuz Cam’s a Taurus and they are the biggest freaks out there, hence why they love lives be so chaotic lol

  2. I’m over these sexually ambiguous ballers and atteout here in these streets. Like I’m sick of it.

    What you do in private is your business, yes, but don’t allude to you being something other than straight if you’re unable or unwilling to be in our community. A lot of these men are in fact, gay, but they don’t want the burden of being the black baller wolf or fox that can literally break stereotypes and shape the way that the public views gay men of color. Because when you’re a celebrity that comes out, sadly you become a spokesperson for the community, like it or not.

    If Cam is indeed gay, that’s a great look. But don’t be speaking in riddles and mysteries and we gotta use a decoder ring to find out wtf you’re talking about.

    1. “Unable or unwilling to be in our community”? What’s that? This ain’t no organization whereby one gets a membership. If he is, so what! He owes nothing to anyone. Doesn’t have to be a card carrier

  3. I swear, I’m really getting tired of the black community’s obsession with Black masculine male homosexuality. I love how Odell Beckham Jr. trolls them to the edge, and I love how Cam has no fucks for their opinions and criticisms. These men (including Russell Westbrook) seem to inspire cognitive dissonance among a large segment of American sports fans.

    When you have ascended to the ranks of professional sports while also becoming a multimillionaire, you no longer have to prove your masculinity in my view. You’ve achieved what only a tiny percentage of men will ever achieve. As far as I’m concerned, your masculinity is cemented and should be beyond reproach at this stage in your life. Let them ignorant hatin hoes eat cake.

  4. I tried to post something but the gator thing came up….

    So I’ll post it again….

    I see a lot of gay men post Jayz “Smile” on their instagram account. A guy i like put it up,do you think that’s a hint?

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