the straights do gay shit better than the gays?

i keep saying that straight males have it easy.
they the only ones who can do gay shit and get away with it.
unless your obj.
other straight males,
can do whatever they want.
according to the foxhole from the ig foxhole,
this is allegedly a slap happy attentionisto clarence on some wolf backside…

(whoever screamed in that clip makes me laugh each time)
clarence is singing and youtube vixen,
queen naija,
baby “faavah”.


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Coolin’ in the cut with my shooter..🔫💚

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its interesting how the dynamics work.
if one of the foxhole was to do any of that,
we’d be banished on sight.
it’s not fair?

lowkey: clarence is living his best sugar baby wolf life.

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10 thoughts on “the straights do gay shit better than the gays?”

  1. That seemed more like trying to assert dominance, to me. It’s very humiliating to be spanked in public and he didn’t cup the cheeks or hover on them. I remember this WorldStar video where this guy got spanked for not having his drug money or something. People acted like it was normal and I was flabberghasted.

  2. Interesting, but “banished?” By whom? I wouldn’t be banished by my straight friends and would not allow anyone to attempt to banish me. Most people today don’t “banish” for this type of things, and anyone who would is not someone we should value in our lives. We give too much power to the minority who are closed minded instead of focusing on the many who are not today.

  3. You are absolutely correct. The straights do it better than the gays. I haven’t seen anything on Earth as hypocritical as they are. Not lesbians,not trans, not even a gay unicorn.

    Keep in mind, these are the same creatures who are disgusted by the thought of two men having sex, but turn around & make a woman put on a strapon so that she can penetrate and pretend she a nigga.

    All of a sudden, “I ain’t with that gay shit,” turns into “What couples do in the privacy of their bedroom is between them.”

    Are we even allowed to take these Garden of Eden hopping, apple eating creations seriously?

    1. And they will be all about 2 girls getting it on but let 2 men just hug let alone give each other a small kiss, and they act like the world is about to fall apart. I say fuck em

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