second guess

often times,
i wish i was connected af.
in my everyday life,
those who don’t know me tend to second guess me.
like clark kent,
you don’t know that pineapple is really superman.
for me,
i wish i had that life where i could solve issues with one phone call.
i don’t know if its the life of being mixxy,
or those who were on “gossip girl“,
but i always wanted that “i know the right people” shit.
while in one of my dreaded work meetings,
i had a fantasy that i wished was a reality…

so today,
they were going on about the christmas party.
it seems like it’s gonna be at a nba game this year.
if this was a perfect world,
i’d know some good folks bts at msg or barclays.
i imagined myself calling them and asking if they can do me a favor.
the day the party was booked was the same day i’d magically have floor seats.

i know.

one day,
i’ll have more a vast amount of connections and networks.
the foxhole will provide me that underground tunnel under the straights.
if i want to do anything,
all i’d have to do is send a text or make a phone call to the right foxholer.
i’d even use my powers to help anyone i felt was worth it.
i want those who sleep on me to keep on resting well.
one day,
they’ll wake tf up and realize what a mistake that was.

lowkey: nothing better than the gays that the straights have to get on their knees for.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “second guess”

  1. Try to snag yourself a baller at the game. Don’t go after the stars. Go for the ones that nobody knows his name and underestimates. The ones people would push out of the way for a bigger star. Maybe your Derwin or Malik is there.

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