dwyane wade shows love to the girls in his life!

dwyane wade loves his girls.
by girls,
he means all the females in his family.
according to this recent story he just posted…

…that also ncludes his son,
is it “daughter” due to potential transitioning?
i’m only asking because he addressed zion as a “girl”.
then again,
some gays don’t mind being addressed as “girl”.

either way,
i really like that dwyane has embraced zion.
many fathers,
especially ones in such a uber-masculine career field as the nba,
wouldn’t accept their gay/bi children.
some of them are hoping their offspring follows in their footsteps.
the wade family is a nice and refreshing thing to see.

lowkey: gabby ain’t with the shits…

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “dwyane wade shows love to the girls in his life!”

  1. Zion comes from a very wealthy and accepting family so he will be insulated from the bullying, shame, and horrors that most gay black boys experience. If only all of us would have such love and approval from our fathers.

  2. I don’t see what the big fuss is about. Dwayne Wade is not the first Masculine NBA star to have a gay child. Magic Johnson did the same thing and still does. Leave Zion alone, if his mama and daddy not complaining, nobody else need to say anything else. He doing everything positive with his life so there shouldn’t be an issue for anybody to say anything about Zion or what his parents call him; they love Zion for Zion, period. Nothing else matters. Especially in today’s society, its not a problem, so what kids are gay; anddddd.

  3. Gabby and Dwade know exactly what they’re doing when they posted that pic with the caption. I’m starting to think that they like the little uproar they cause whenever they post the kid. It’s starting to become a bit performative in my opinion.

    1. That wouldn’t surprise me & that’s unfortunate to say that. I definitely want to see what is behind all of this, that’s for sure.

    2. Who cares if it’s performative or not? There shouldn’t even be an uproar to begin with. People really out here mad because a child has loving and accepting parents..smh

  4. Idk what to say or think…. I just hope that kid loves and accepts whatever he decides to be. I honestly think he’s too young for all that categorization but to each their own with their child.

    1. People need to sit down somewhere with that whole “too young” nonsense. Nobody says shit when grown ass adults be out here asking little boys if they have girlfriends or proclaiming how handsome they are and how they’re going to be a ladies man when they grow up. When it comes to gay issues all of sudden they’re too young, but nobody has any issue forcing all types of heteronomative shit onto kids

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