it don’t pay to work with todrick hall?

depending on who you ask,
todrick hall is either “amazing” or “this pineapple here…“.
i usually see the latter.
a foxholer sent me a long twitter thread about his alleged scamming ways.
it was from a tweeter named @thomeography,
whose also a dancer/choreographer.
this is what he had to font about todrick…

in a nutshell,
todrick allegedly:

didn’t pay for his services
very unprofessional

the other stuff i can’t confirm,
but i’ve always assumed that he’s allegedly whitewashed.
one thing that stood out to me tho:

“Why continue to work with him if he wasn’t paying?”

if @thomeography claims that he did all this work and just for a shout-out:

…why not take todrick to court for his funds?
i won’t lie…
for someone who hangs tough with taylor swift,
i figured he’d be about his business.
this alleged story is an eye opener.

i’m not doing a days work for free.
i don’t care who it is and what’s happening.

Jamari Fox is getting a check

talent requires payment.
jackals out here think they can fuck over creatives.
demand a contract and find out when you’ll expect your first check.
some allow it because they want to be “put on“.
i use to do that shit and it led to nowhere.
not anymore homie.
i hope he learned a lesson after this alleged experience.

lowkey: i woulda been on that “insecure” set.
fuck that.

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “it don’t pay to work with todrick hall?

      1. Negative. Ru is on top of his game. You don’t get where he is without being 100%professional. She knows how to do business.

        1. You do not speak for me. Both RuPaul and Todrick have problems with whitewashing. The accuser also spoke of colorism. You did not even know to what I was referring to. Is that you Ru?

          1. Sir, please have a seat. I wasn’t speaking for you and definitely not to you. I was answering Jfox’s question based on my knowledge and readings on RU.
            Your comment hardly fell into my peripheral.

            You’re always out here trying to start something with just about anyone. Jesus.

          2. Always out here? I don’t know you, nor have I ever commented on you before. I don’t know anyone on here from a can of paint.

  1. Does anyone find it funny that EVERY BLACK GAY MAN IN HOLLYWOOD IS WHITEWASHED? These man are only concerned with white approval and establishing their white fanbase. It all plays into the fact that everyone from Don Lemon to Rupaul to Billy Porter to Karamo Brown are all married to white men. its too common to be coincidence. We literally have no examples of black gay love in the public eye. They all feel that having a white counterpart makes them more palatable to Hollywood. Smh

  2. The thing about Toddy is that he…does not have a lot of green. Despite all the stuff you see around the aesthetics of his videos, he’s very hand-to-mouth.

    EVERYTHING he makes he pushes it straight back into his next shoot, he tries to do things as frugally as he can, and then he also has to pay for things you don’t see like moving sets/ props, etc. Costume bts, stage design bts, renting the studio/ warehouses for the video, and it feel fair to reason that paying dancers etc comes way down the totem pole after he gets everything on the list taken care of and you can see the problem when everything gets spent and the well has run dry.

    IDK if you guys saw the netflix doc when Todrick has to ask his right hand man to call his mom in order to float some funds so he can fly all of the tour items he needs like costumes etc. And it was implied it was not the first time.

    Todrick is not appear to be liquid. But he’s trying to get there. It seems that this dancer and Todrick have hashed their beef out after this and are cool. But it’s a constant thread for him and It’s not looking good. I’m sorry.

    Hopefully after the tour he can settle all of his debts.

      1. His music sells. He basically had the gay anthem of the summer this year- hell 2 of them since he collaborated with T-swift as producer.

        But then you gotta look at all the stuf he has to get done for his own shows, touring, crew, flights, cargo, music videos.

        A lot of it- and i’m not going to presume to know his business but based on what he said, his documentary etc.- is self-funded.

        He makes money off of his youtube vids etc but that goes into his shows. Same with him doing so many cameo’s and cameo adverts. He is scraping every coin he can get and he puts a lot of it into his tours, shows etc.

        He is truly a man who knows his stuff and is doing it all for the love of the music, but he’s working on putting money into avenues that are certain cash cows. I’m pretty sure after the tour he’d have more than enough to get everyone back pay and then some. But he needs to promote the tour hence the music videos.

        And his last five videos were AMAZING. Tiffany Haddish, Jimmy Kimmel, Wendy Williams, all showing up in the video. And he also put out a casting call for some free dancers.

        He is really good, but idk who handles his business side but he needs to be on top of it.

  3. I am almost certain his high profile dancers are getting paid. Unless they are taken with the luster that is Todrick Hall… and maybe a genuine friendship. I saw Suki(exotic dancer) in one of his videos… and also the guy that I see in most of his vids… can’t recall his name but he also toured with Nikki Minaj. How much longer can you work with someone without getting paid. Mind you a lot of his employees are young and just enjoying life and probably don’t have any serious bills to pay. So until it gets real they will continue to ride the Nails, Hairs, Hips, Heels express.

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