the dragging ya’ll gave gina rodriguez gave her the heebee jeebees

i love a good pr apology.
gina rodriguez and her people are in full damage control mode.
i know they pulled her ass into a war room and been there for hours.
as you know,
she did this:

i think her brain was off at this moment.
she isn’t that stupid to think she would get away with that,
well this is apology 1 on her ig stories:

and this apology #2 on her ig…


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she said it was her favorite song growing up,
but now it has shaken her to the core?
she just realized the “n” word was a “bad one“?

she should have just owned that fuck up.
if that was her favorite song she grew up on,
which i’m sure the “n” word has always been there whenever she sung along…

Why act like she just figured this all out as soon as she started getting dragged?

cut the dumb shit.
she can go.
i never took to her anyway.

13 thoughts on “the dragging ya’ll gave gina rodriguez gave her the heebee jeebees

  1. The list of problematic Latinas keeps on growing Evelyn Lozada, Cardi B, Gina Rodriguez, Adrienne Bailon, Jlo (yeah I said it). At this point I only support those that are not against us!!

  2. Yeah…she deff knew what she was doing. I really don’t be understanding celebrities sometimes. It’s like they do dumb shit because they’re bored or something.

  3. I love how black people are saying she’s anti-black because she was rapping along a rap that said nigga. So by y’all definition 99.9% of the black community is anti-black.

    Please don’t give that bullshit “We can say the word nigga because we own it.” Really? The dumbest shit. Again, by y’all definition if you guys changed nigga into a term of endearment then why get mad when non-black say it. If anything it makes you guys look like a hypo-critic and stupid. Plus who in their right mind would make a hateful word into an endearment.

    Do I agree with Gina saying that word? No, that word is so stupid, but do I blame her? Nope. Black Americans love using that word and even call non-black people, nigga, a lot.

    Also, I don’t see any black folks losing their cool when Fat Joe or Teriyaki Chicken 69 said nigga on multiple occasions. Make it make sense.

    1. Enough. You know full well that people felt she was anti-black before this comment. She’s said all kinds of shady shit beforehand and this broke the camel’s back. Bitch needs to watch her fucking mouth and that’s that. She wants to say nigga, but gets bent out of shape when the focus is on black folks.

  4. Gina Rodriguez is not some young dumb starlett who needs PR training. She is a 35yr old woman who has been consistently anti-black in her behavior and rhetoric. And like most racists, she enjoys provocation and black outrage just to turn around and claim ignorance. She didnt stumble across some song she liked and got caught in the moment. The word “nigga” appears in the song “Ready or Not” one time in the 4 minute long song. She waiting until that verse came on, got her phone ready, recorded herself saying the word “nigga” and purposely posted it to her ig stories. It’s also nauseating how some latin-x people immerse themselves in our culture to the point of demanding “nigga” dispensation by claiming to be part of the black diaspora yet operate from an anti-black stance and NEVER show to the aid or betterment of black people.

  5. She is always saying shady stuff regarding blacks.Last year she was dragged for saying black actresses earned more than latina actresses.She was using data that said black women in general earned more than latina women.That doesn’t translate to Hollywood.

    Also after Black Panther came out she tweeted something like “What about the Latinos?”.

    When she was criticized for these things and the incident with Yara she went on Sway’s radio show cried and said she can’t be anti black because her father is a dark skinned Afro Latino.Then people Googled a pic of him at some awards show and he was about the same complexion as her.So she lied about her father being dark skinned.SMH

  6. Oh we’re not done with her. I know her type. Threatened by Black women. Fetishizes Black men. Then tells Black women how to “keep a man” and disrespects them while imitating them for fame and acclaim.

  7. This isn’t her first time being problematic. She has made so serious statements about black women in the past that has caused her to be unliked by many.

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