i don’t understand how the president is allowed to bully so freely

people stay wondering why there is a huge bullying problem.
online and off.
look no further at the current president.
why is this okay?…

the president of the united states tweeted ^that filth.
if obama wrote that shit when he was president,
he’d be flogged mercilessly in the middle of times square.

i hate everything.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “i don’t understand how the president is allowed to bully so freely”

  1. Because he’s old and white.

    I wonder about everything. For example Cinema.

    I’ll use MCU as a reference.

    Most of the movies people watch released now are superhero films to the point of them obsessing over imaginary characters in tight clothes. At one point, Cinema used to have a variety of films that dealt with all forms of narrative and the human experience, now we have grown adults arguing about fake characters and defending it to disturbing levels.

    To me this shift in artistic merit shows a portion of the state America is in. Not a bash to MCU per se but….

    Millions will show up to watch fake characters fly around and pretend to save the world but fail to apply real world concepts into their daily life. They can make hundreds of memes and videos about these characters but skirt over and forget real events after a week or so or shout about it online but don’t actually do anything.

    This isn’t the MAIN problem but it’s a part of it.

    Now America has an idiot in the office, who is still in the office. I want people to really think about that. American selected a reality TV persona to run the country with no experience except being an “Alpha Male” aka an asshole and being rich.

    I don’t keep up with politics but it’s creepy he has made it this far. Sure, blame all of it on the Russians if you like but the fact remains…A LOT of stuff I have heard or saw from him has been downright sleazy and typical of American mindset. I don’t think any President has been as crazy as he is.

    At the end of the day he gets a pass because he is an old white male. Everything in America caters to White men for the entertainment of white men. Most of the things are owned by powerful white men. All other races are guests in America who fight for a fraction of the pie and some of them will turn a blind eye to their own kind.

    Even in fiction…

    Even in MCU, the majority of movies deal with white characters as the protagonists and their power to save the world…of course most POC fans don’t see that. They do see that there are Black, Latino, and Asian characters in MCU but they get a small fraction of the pie and MCU is constantly making movies. Yet how many do you see that actually have POC as the main characters outside of 1 or 2.

    You see how there was an uproar about Little Mermaid being played by a Black actress…and she’s a fish, not even a human but boy, “She’s supposed to be White!!” they cried.

    I think things are way more complex than that though and it’s bad in other countries too.

    To White elitist, a senile obtuse White man is 10x better than a sensible black one to run the country. You can forget seeing a Black woman, Asian man or woman, Black Latino man or woman running America anytime soon. Trump has to be the most unrefined President, America has had. He’s a self-absorbed elitist pig. He acts just like a spoiled rich white boy who thinks the world owes him…oh wait…

    The history of America…The Presidential lineup has been all white men, aside from Obama (mixed)…and it’s going back to yet another White man.

    And I’m not sure how many folks know this or it’s validity, but a lot of Black people (men) voted for Trump over Hillary. While they totee she was corrupt, she had experience in the office and he didn’t have not a single one and he still won… I just…

  2. Profound analysis, Jammy.

    So true, Hollywood and the larger entertainment media ecosystem are now producing films and shows that are primarily about fantasy, as opposed to dealing with the social, political and economic realities we’re living in. They churn these superhero and cartoon and remake (I’d add) movies out, and Americans (and millions of people across the globe) consume them. We gobble them up. (I am not a fan of most super hero movies, I have to say.)

    The superheroes, who are overwhelmingly white and male, are individuals without any politics or class or group consciousness, and they usually are not fighting the true villains most of us face, i.e., Wall Street and this horrible neoliberal corporate system OR real fascist dictators and ideologies here or across the globe. They sure are not out to help POCs. Only Black Lightning aims to do that; even Black Panther killed his brother Eric Killmonger, who wanted a global Black/POC revolution.

    Alongside this, as you beautifully point out, we live with the ongoing effects of anti-Black racism and white supremacy. An article today described how living with racism is one cause behind higher rates of chronic diseases Black people suffer, especially ones caused by inflammation, like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc. Donald Trump is the perfect embodiment of this racism and white supremacy + misogyny trumping everything else. He was a mediocre intellect and incompetent businessperson, who inherited $400 million from his father, after multiple bankruptcies and what appears to be decades of fraudulent behavior.

    He is small-minded, petty, vicious, incurious, and hateful. He is a racist and white supremacist, a multiply alleged rapist and sexual abuser (which he admitted to!), a pathological liar (he lies about tiny things), and a grotesque narcissist. He makes everything about himself. His sole talent, and it is a talent, is akin to that of a clown; he is shameless and a showman, and that’s how he became a reality show star.

    But more than anything, he is a 75 year old white man who is full of extreme racial resentment and racist rage. While he likes to have a few Black and brown hangers on and once dated a Black woman, he clearly is full of rage towards Black people and other non-white people. Imagine Archie Bunker from All in the Family but with $400 million.

    In short, Trump is basically a super hero for racists and white supremacists. He coasted for a while on a good economy (he inherited from Obama) and f*ckups that were relentless but not utterly disastrous. Then the incompetence and reality started to catch up with him. The kids in cages separated from their parents, the Kavanaugh mess, the tariff screw up with China, and on and on. Then we get the Ukraine crisis and the recent debacle in Syria in which he gave the green light to Turkey to slaughter our allies and basically let ISIS run free–and yet again give Russia what they wanted.

    Trump got elected with the help of a hostile foreign power outside the US, and resentful whites in the US. They were in shock about Obama winning a second term and turning the economy around. And also because of his social advocacy for LGBTQs. Trump rages against Obama constantly, basically vocalizing the hatred and fear many white people still feel, despite all the liberal rhetoric in 2009 about how they elected Obama. (He only got 43% of the white vote in 2008 and 39% in 2012!) Trump should have been removed when the Mueller Report came out but the Democrats blew that. They think everyone is rational when most people function mostly on emotion. (They are kind of pathetic at times, I have to say.)

    Now he’s basically handed them his head on a platter, by openly trading using military aid for a foreign country’s help to destroy his chief rival. He has a gang of nutcases and criminals helping him do this. One admitted to the whole sordid scheme today. This horrific pseudo-super hero movie just ran its course–unless the Democrats screw it up and the American people, especially white people, once again leave the plane of reality.

    Don’t be too sure they won’t, though he’s on the verge of bringing the whole planet down if he isn’t punished the way he should be: impeachment, removal from office, multiple trials, conviction, and a nice prison to rot in for the rest of his life.

    1. ^omg,
      i hung on every sentence and really sat back,
      feeling extremely grateful,
      that i have such intelligence in here.

      it’s sad that this is so on point,
      but idiots have him as our leader.
      this hyena is pure trash and been trash,
      yet a few racists thought it would be best that he be the leader of this country.
      all these fucks,
      but he gets chance after chance.
      it isn’t until he brings this country to its knees that folks may wake up.
      we are living in a real life marvel/dc comic.

      he will be president again.
      none of the candidates are worth a seat in the house.
      it’s been set up for him to do another term.
      if that changes,
      i’ll be shocked…

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