The Silence of The introverted Fox

tumblr_lq9xd03xTF1qzt15cthere are two types of personalities out there.
one finds energy amongst people and are social butterflies.
those would be called extroverts.
the other would be introverts.
those folks find most of their energy alone and are naturally shy.

i’m an introvert.

nice to meet ya.

gN4qJ_originali  use to think something was wrong with me.
lord knows i have been judged for being introverted.

“why you do quiet?”
“why you home on a friday night?”
“why you dont get drunk and need to be carried out the club?”
“why you not getting no dick right now?”
“why you alone?”
“why you not? why you not? why you not?”

well most introverts are usually judged.
people don’t understand us.
usually the extroverted.
hell some black folk in general don’t seem to understand it either.
if you not turnt up all the time then you a weirdo.
funny enough,
almost every successful person happens to be one.

taylor swift
britney spears
jay z
kendrick lamar
ellen degeneres.
bill gates
steve jobs

introverts tend to be drawn to the arts.
we know how to turn it on in front of the camera/people,
but we thrive in our quiet time.
we immerse ourselves in what we want out of life.
we also love to observe people,
which happens to be our stronger traits.
even tho some of them aren’t successful,
those same attentionistos on instagram are introverts.
social media is their stage.
their picture trail and “gawd why am i single?” woes reveal a lot.

i’ll be honest with cha.
i’d rather spend more time on my blog than being out of the scene.
i’d rather be working on my career than be at the club.
they think that becase
now don’t get me wrong,
i love to go out.
when i have money,
its “bright lights; big city”.
good restaurants,
sitting in vip at exclusive clubs,
and meeting new people

59c74b47b69a9b6de81912743cb7d56d…but after a while,
i’m politely getting my shit and throwing up the dueces.
i’m not mister “turn up; poppin’ bottles”.
i’m def mister “shy, awkward, but looking’ good while doing it”.
funny enough,
people think that because i dress nice and funny that i’m everywhere.
people assume i’m mister “life of the party” and want to party with me.
they even assume i do a lot of fuckin’.
they gonna be in for a nice surprise.
what has helped me tremendously,
because i use to be painfully shy,
is working in environments that forced me to interact with people.
i desperately had to learning how to come out my fur.
if you notice,
most of the celebs i listed had to learn in some way to deal with higher energy.

in life life however,
it seems the more extroverted you are,
the more success you will be when it comes to meeting wolves.
baller wolves tend to be drawn to those always “everywhere” folks.
you know the “types” i’m talmbout.
the one who have no issue being bold in going after what they want.
the “types” that cool their asses down after a while..


tumblr_na9ndgXWsW1r78dgto3_400 tumblr_na9ndgXWsW1r78dgto2_400 tumblr_na9ndgXWsW1r78dgto1_400

tumblr_nakykvKNJF1r78dgto1_400 tumblr_naivwrY2op1r78dgto4_400 tumblr_naiwo76hO81r78dgto2_400 tumblr_naiwo76hO81r78dgto1_400…and not in the good way.
so wait…
does have high energy in the bedroom and life goals count?

lately i have just wanted to be alone.
i’m not really in the mood to deal with a ton of people right now.
add having no money and there ya go.
god knows i’m usually drained by the time i get out of work.
some days i wish i was extroverted,
but i guess thats just not in my personality.
so i had to wonder…

Is the gay introvert doomed?

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( x 16 outrageously successful introverts )

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11 thoughts on “The Silence of The introverted Fox”

  1. That is so me. I don’t think we’re doomed. We know when to turn it on/off because we’ve watched extroverts turn up for so long that we know when to tone it down. Years of watching extroverts cause a scene have given us the advantage of knowing how far to take it, which is why we usually shrug it off and don’t react at all. That’s why there are people like liar liar who tells someone they’ll never accomplish their dreams. If she was an introvert, she’d know that saying something like that to a person she barley knows, is unnecessarily negative. No one likes negative people. And that’s usually what extroverted people become when they don’t get what they want. Just look at the way those people behaved when someone attractive walked down the street. They’re extroverts. Extroverts are used to saying whatever comes to their mind without thinking first. Introverts have learned by watching are extroverted friends, what is and isn’t okay. The drawback however, is not being able to call somebody on their shit when we need to. That’s what I admire but at the same time dislike about extroverts. They sometimes cuss out every single person because they’re used to expressing themselves no matter how small the disagreement was. But when they do call somebody out and you know that person deserves it, I’m right there with a devilish smile on my face like “GET EM, ROAST THAT MOTHERFUCKER!” Extroverts are just a nut. You know what you’re going to get from them. Could be a good nut, a bad nut, or an okay nut. Where as us introverts remain a mystery. Most people are surprised when they get to know me because I’m assuming they thought I wasn’t a fun person underneath my shy personality. But they of course, thought wrong. We’re like a box of chocolates. You never know what’s inside. Could be a freak, could be husband material, could be a little bit of both. We’re also best at murdering someone and getting away with it but that’s not something to be proud of so I digress.

  2. I think I’m a mix of both, I can be really shy and a homebody but when I’m out I’m the life of te party when I want to be.

  3. Great topic. I figured a long time ago, that being an introvert is not as bad as the extroverts perceive it to be. For instance, when I do speak up, people listen; unnecessary drama rarely occurs in my life; and when I do get someone alone, they don’t want to leave. In contrast, extroverts think I can’t talk or am weak, they think I’m boring, and it’s hard to meet anyone since I’m mostly to myself.

  4. I am the type of person who is an extrovert as well as an introvert. Yea, I can be fun and outgoing, but I can also be quiet and to myself. Most of the time, I prefer to be alone, I do not like to be around people all day and all night, that is just not the person that I am. When I am around people, I get along pretty much everybody. How ever, there are some times where I am around people who I do not prefer, and that is when I fade into the background. That’s why I said I’m both lol.

  5. Growing up, I was so painfully shy that I hardly ever said anything unless it was in front of family members that I was comfortable with. As a teen in school, I found my personality, but was still extremely quiet and shy. I used to hate to be left alone with adults especially my fathers friends or uncles because the conversation would inevitably lead to girls and I would make up something and try to exit the room, I hated the Barbershop for this very reason as well. I started coming out of my shell when I was in college and now people are really surprised when I tell them I was really shy growing up. Even some people I went to school with, are shocked when they run into me and a few have told me, wow I never knew you was this cool growing up, a few have said, they thought I was stuck up, even a teacher I had told me that once I was grown. I was so shocked by this, I had no idea being quiet got you the label of being stuck up. I literally forced myself to talk to people and be engaging and after years of practice, I can say now when I go out I am way more extroverted than in the past.

    Actually being extroverted has backfired in a way because I get invited to so many functions (STR8) that people feelings get hurt if I dont attend, and many times I want to just chill at home by myself. STR8 people are way cooler to be extroverted with than Gay’s, but STR8 people get offended easier if you dont attend a party unlike Gay’s who dont care if you come or not, they probably think hey once less Hoe to compete with LOL! I am still relatively quiet when I attend a Gay function and only interact with close friends at Gay get together’s. I make myself speak to people and smile. I have gotten some great hook-ups, and into some good parties by just being cool and cordial with others, both Gay and STR8. Now the only thing, I am not extroverted about is when it comes time for me to hook up with a dude and then I turn back into a shy ass 15 year old who is scared to say anything. My Gay friends tease me all the time about this, saying I cant believe your big mouth did not say anything. I only do when I get a clear strong vibe from a dude. It is rare that I will do a cold call with a dude.

  6. there’s nothing wrong with either personality…HOWEVER my mother used to always use this saying when i was a kid ‘the weak always speak and the quiet cause riots’ and when i ws younger i didn’t grasp it i thought she met like the quiet ones being strong or something but as i grew older i seen what she meant…The quiet ones, the ones who use their brain more than anything else go on to become leaders, controlling businesses and massive wealth and you’ll never know who they are..For every Beyonce or Jay-Z there’s a man or woman in America with billions of dollars, who are children from some of america’s original wealthy families: Rockefellers, Drexels, Vanderbuilt’s (anderson cooper is from this family) and etc…those families became known more so by their culture, their name, their work ethic..Being outgoing is necessary to network but talking too much and being too flamboyant can cause you more of a lost than anything…This is a big chess game and if we don’t play our moves right, we’ll end up discarded like the next pawn..A real man or real woman knows how to tone it down and observe and when to speak…

  7. but i wouldn’t say that introverts are “shy” i use to think that but its actully a miscomsiption people confuse quiet with shy, being shy is a behavior trait steeming from fear, this can start from childhood an extrovert can also be shy. for example two children in the same classroom, one introverted and one shy (extrovert). The teacher is organizing an activity for all the children in the room. The introverted child wants to remain at her desk and read a book because she finds being with all the other children stressful. The shy (extrovert) child wants to join the other children, but remains at her desk because she is afraid to join them maybe fear of judgement

  8. Wait…Rihanna is an introvert? ROBYN RIHANNA FENTY?? Ratchet IDGAF Rihanna!!??? Noo way lol. I understand it though. I like to sit in the background and observe and sometimes people take it the wrong way. It takes me a minute to come out of my shell around new people. I have to feel everyone out and get to know them before I let my ratchetness out.

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