f0xmail: How Can I Find A Baller Wolf To Sponsor Me? Help!


I read your blog all the time and like a lot of people I find myself drooling over these guys swimming in dough. My question to you is how would I find one.. I don’t live in a state where any reside. I’m not ugly at all but I don’t have a lot of money. I have goals, dreams that I want to accomplish and I hear about ballers splurging these conceited vain hoes in material things when all I want is more education and to pay off my debt which isn’t much. Enough rambling, my question to you is one that you probably have gotten a lot: How would I find a baller or do you know of any that are looking for someone? Any help or advice would be appreciated.  I’m going through a hard time in life, a very hard time and I’m trying.


“Everyone knows the more you chase something the faster it runs and the more you ignore something the faster it comes.” – Roshon Fegan
that quote has some significance with this entry.
so i think this is the question we are all searching for.“how do i find a baller wolf?”if it was easy as snapping our fingers,
we would all have a baller wolf of some sort.
baller wolves don’t always have to be athletes or people in entertainment.
baller wolves are people who have corner offices.
they lead a staff or a complete division.
they are a brand.
they usually make over 100,000 a year.
when they speak; people listen.
they have the type of power to their name that brings them respect.tumblr_mp5ux57xdN1ru2by6o1_400god i’m turned on already.
so the question is…


“how do i find a baller wolf?”

well for one,
you don’t “find” one.
he “finds” you.
once you start going on the hunt,
thats when you will always be frustrated.
you will see all the jackals making their rounds.
not realizing that those same jackals were “found”.
we don’t have it like the vixens do.
they can walk out the door wearing something “half naked”,
rocking some “come fuck me” pumps,
and lip gloss be insanely poppin’.
20 points if they exxotical of some sort.
as men,
we usually meet them just doing everyday things.
running with the right people.
minding our business.
its always on random you meet someone who will change your life.

meeting a baller wolf depends on luck and studying it’s prey.
a fox knows this.
when a fox wants to break in a chicken coop,
he studies beforehand.
he knows how to get in and get out without making a sound.

so my next two questions is…

“once you get your baller wolf,
  whats next?”

“what is it about you that will make him stick around?”

just because you got one,
doesn’t mean he will drop stacks on you.
there are plenty of hoes who just got hard dick on expensive sheets.
evelyn lozada was damn near ran through until she got her baller wolf.

tumblr_mr5383CSyd1qlnyxto1_500“what keeps a baller wolf interested?”

well being interesting.
yes times are tough for you,
but that shouldn’t be your business card in meeting a baller wolf.
you should be working hard to get a better life for YOURSELF.
listen dick ain’t never rescued jamari fox.
jamari fox rescused jamari fox.
well there is that one time a baller wolf paid my rent...
i don’t have the luxury of meeting rich wolves to sponsor me right now.
ive always had to work hard to get my shit together.
with working hard,
i also learned a lot of skills.
i’m not just a cute face with tight walls.
oh no.
i can:
dress his ass
pr his ass
olivia pope his ass
assist his ass
therapy his ass
massage his ass
brand his ass
…all while suckin the nut out his ass.
well pipe.tumblr_m1hpisrzpO1qbfxaio1_500you get my drift.
not only will i be able to add more skills to my resume,
but i’ll also be able to find my place in the right circles.
work on you and become what these “conceited vain hoes” ain’t.


tumblr_nchhg8B3kg1sohz2fo1_r2_500 …because thats the foxhole way.
beyonce can leave jay z and be more than okay.
strive to always be that person in life.
hope this helped.

jamari fox

13 thoughts on “f0xmail: How Can I Find A Baller Wolf To Sponsor Me? Help!

  1. Women turning their pussies into retirement plans is a time “honored” American tradition. Be it working the casting couch like Marilyn Monroe or marrying a billionaire like Jackie Kennedy when she married Aristotle Onassis. Witness Evelyn Lozada who went from one rich athlete to another rich athlete to another rich athlete. Look at all the women that have shared the penis of Hugh Heffner and how they benefited financially–and more than the $1,000 allowance that he gave to each every week. And Donald Trumps former wives have done well for themselves finacially due to being married to the Donald. According to “Hollywood”/”Peanut”, Kerry Rhodes was laying on the dick hot and heavy and he enjoyed the lifestyle that Kerry Rhodes afforded. Etc.

    This buy wants to turn his ass/dick into a retirement plan. So, I don’t blame this guy for wanting that. but his chances of getting that are slim to none. (And I warn him that if he gets what he’s looking for, he should still go to college and build his career because the “baller” will likely sooner rather than later want a newer and younger model.) He’ll need to stand in line and the line is very long!

  2. I am not going to be hard on this dude because for one, I can tell by the tone of the letter that he is really young and probably a little naive as to how the real world works especially how this Baller lifestyle things works. He may be from a small town and only see’s the glitz and glamour from watching entertainment shows or reading blogs. There are teens out here and he may be 18 or 19 who think life is one big reality TV show, they know nothing about getting up everyday putting in work and doing crappy jobs and things you hate until you can progress. Clearly he has not had a strong male influence in his life about core principals of being a man and what that entails no matter if you are gay or STR8. I dont want people to think that when they ask for advice in the foxhole they are going to be dogged out, even when we dont agree with their stand, there is always a way to tell someone something and teach them. Hopefully he will do a little more reading and research through the archives to get a better understanding about life period. Who knows he may be the very one to snag the Baller because he is so determined LoL!

  3. I don’t blame someone for wanting that lifestyle. It’s just a survival tactic. The only difference is getting wifed by a baller wolf, he at least comes with a decent face and six-pack. It used to be you had to cuff an ugly old fat man, but now that we have rich athletes, musicians, etc… You can have your cake and eat it too.

  4. hey i don’t knock anyone who wants to live that life.
    peanut was living that life with no complaints.
    well until he fucked it up.
    the world has changed.
    gay or straight,
    have become bigger bitches than most chicks!
    if someone wants to take care of you,
    then hey,
    go for it.
    the snow foxes do it and don’t have any fucks to give.
    we got males going on the casting couch for careers.
    something that most females do.
    shit dudes today are more concerned with taking the perfect selfie.
    social media has ended whats appropriate for men to do nowadays.

    my thing is once you do have someone take care of you,
    you are under their mercy.
    you can’t put up too much of a fight.
    if he says he wants to shit and piss on you,
    you better be ready to do that.
    there is always another side of everything.

    1. Well Jamari, just because everyone else is doing it does not mean you have to, and you cannot use that to justify the reasons as to why people should live off of others. People encouraging shit that don’t last. It baffles me. Y’all think he is going to put a house in your name? Ha! A sponsored lifestyle is like a sports career, it only lasts for so long. That reminds me, the money that these athletes get does not last forever, so when his money is gone so is yours. The well will run dry, and what are you going to do when the water is gone? All you will have is expensive items and living off friends and family. Driving around in a Bentley and Louis Vuitton on your feet without a pot to piss in. Nah.

    2. exactly basically a glamorized slave…people will damn near sell their souls to be with someone famous or to be famous and social media has single-handedly destroyed ambition for many…it’s all about being seen or heard..many of those instagram ‘fitness’ guys and vixens are eating ramen noodles at night, going to bed in a bad living situation…social media has become the road map for illusions of grandeur for many…i just hope that people begin to realize that there’s nothing with wanting a guy who is financially stable but have something to bring to the table as well lol

  5. I’m with The Man on this. Reading this entry just made me look like wth…since being back home in Philly i’ve heard of some women doing this but also i have seen that men are doing this also…this is SAD. It’s not cute, sexy or even remotely attractive to me when i see people wanting to do nothing but be cared for…When did this trend to start? to actively look for sponsors as a goal in life.. I’m NOT knocking no one’s hustle..but at the end of the day if you met a man or woman who had deep pockets who wanted to treat you to a good time, regardless of what happens, that money will NEVER belong to you…i don’t care what the next man is earning, driving or wearing because it’s not doing anything for my financial security, or worth…You want to attract someone with money?!?! go make a name for yourself people in different income brackets don’t entertain common things…you can’t have a common goal, do common things in common places and expect to live an extraordinary life…If you meet a guy who is going to spoil you, it won’t last long…like my homegirl says ‘after the butt then what’…after he gets what he wants he won’t last. OR you’ll find someone who’ll take care of you but they’ll feel as if they own you, and you’ll be under their rules, their demands…People use money as a control mechanism, so he may feel that he’ll be living the high life, but everything that glitter’s isn’t gold…when you deal with someone solely on the premise of them taking care of you financially it doesn’t leave much room for growth..

  6. I do not like this, and I do not support any man who has a goal such as this. As men, we are supposed to go out and get what it is that we want, not sit back and wait for a man to sweep us off our feet as if we are living in some fairy tale. Men in the life, mostly Foxes, claim they want to be respected, but yet continue to conduct themselves in a way that will only leads to the exact opposite. Don’t claim you are masculine in one breath, and then want to be in the same positions and enjoys the same perks as women in the next, it kills me man. From the sounds of it, you want some man to take care of you and pay your bills and have you living this luxurious lifestyle, while he is out busting his ass. I want to know what are your dreams and goals? I’ll tell you mine. After I graduate college, I want to have a career in my field that I find enjoyable. I want to live comfortably.from a financial standpoint. I do not necessarily want to live a rich lifestyle, but I want to be able to afford items that I find tasteful. I also want to be able to help out my family the same way they have helped me over the years. I almost forgot this one, but I also want to be in a relationship with someone who has the same aspirations I do, enjoys my company and loves me for who I am, not for my appearance and the objects that I possess. You want to swim in dough and live the way they do bruh? Then get up and go out and earn it. If a Fox develops the mindset that he is going to live off of me, then I’m going to be the barrier of bad news with no mercy. I’m not the one. I’ve said how I felt man, and I honestly meant every bit of it. #NotSorry

    When I read this mail, I honestly did not believe it was real. It’s upsetting to me if I really must say. It is disturbing that men in the life have this mindset. Damn shame.

  7. Go buy yourself a wig, a bra, and some high heels. Start calling yourself Miss Pretty Bitch and watch the wolves come a calling. There’s bound to be a baller wolf or two in the pack.

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