When The Foxhole Goes Deep In The Locker Room (1)

photoso you know the f-bi is everywhere.
the foxhole runs pretty deep.
well one of the f-bi works behind the scenes in the nba.
i got a foxmail of what he saw in the locker room after the sixers vs bulls.

We have spoken before, but not for a long time.
  Hope all is well.

2 words… Tony Wroten

tonywroHave a little tip for you.  Last night I was a guest of the Sixers at the Sixers/Bulls game in Philly.  Got to go into the Sixers locker room.  As I’m shaking hands and smiling, I look out of the corner of my eye, there is the FINE dude come around the corner wearing nothing but boxer briefs.  Body was pretty decent but the dick print DEFINITELY caught my eye (sorry can’t keep the ratchet side in sometimes).  That dick print belonged to Tony Wroten (#8 for the Sixers).

He is seriously packing.  About 5-6 inches soft running down his left leg.  Could see the head.  Could see everything.  Then he goes to sit down and it’s hangin.  My God…

35k1u01i suddenly felt the urge for kielbasa
well i’ll definitely gonna keep a look out for tony.
i’m sure the vixens have a good dick report somewhere.
he has two cubs already.
someone is enjoying riding the log ride during his off time.
my foxholer also gave me a some more info on 3 other baller wolves

drose1Saw Derrick Rose in the training room…. bless his heart… he’s aged…. hair was long… looked awful… and thats a shame cause he was always a fav of mine.


Michael Carter Williams is just a cutie.  Met him, he’s a nice guy.  Too skinny for me.

Nerlens Noel… BIG MF.  Tall, solid, sexxy.

I couldn’t last long in that locker room…. these jaws would be worn out. 

i hated to hear that scoop on derrick.
he always looks so good on tv tho.
michael carter wiliams looks like he could be related to drake.
like a distant cousin or something.
nerlens def looks big.
not a fan of his pics,
but i’m sure he looks better in person.

thank you to f-bi for this scoop!
please keep me updated with more!

lowkey: i’m waiting for the f-bi to report king james.
i want to know what that meat mountain is like in person.


11 thoughts on “When The Foxhole Goes Deep In The Locker Room (1)

  1. Derrick arose looks OLD…….HMMMM that line concerns me. Bot surprised about those 6ers…those niggas ALL have big dicks, a damn dick fest in that locker room, oh how I want to be a FLY in that damn room

    1. @Seti…look at the pic above. He looks like he didn’t comb his hair or been to the barbershop in a minute. Unacceptable.

  2. Yea, Derrick has been through a lot man. He is a very emotional guy, and he is under a lot of stress. He wants to stay healthy, and some of the fans have been putting pressure on him to do so. That’s still my boo.

      1. I agree. He’s being cautious, for which I can’t blame him after the injuries he’s had…but the sports world is so caught up in that “warrior” mentality that they would rather he play injured than sit out. I can’t say I don’t blame him though, he has to live with the injuries and after effects. And the minute he’s out…it’s on to the next person, and either the GM or owner will be on TV saying that famous line…”it’s a business”.

  3. Don’t be too hard on Derrick. How would you feel if we got an f-bi on you but the person’s report was based on when you got off work.

    “Jamari Fox, looks overworked, tired, & hungry.”

    Sigh, I expected better considering he’s always giving us fashion tips.j/k

      1. “But that ass was looking like a flat tire. I think Jamari has been neglecting squats since he’s been out of commission.”

        As the wolves weep.:(

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