f0XXX: Harry Lins Likes Slap The Snot Out You During Sex

1962849_746871648738893_2039855969755883299_nso brazilian wolf and alleged model/escort,
harry lins,
seems to like really rough sex.
well he has a vine account where he has uploaded his dick reports….

there is more where that came from…


harry is kinda…

tumblr_n26wkuCFhl1smqjvqo1_400…is this how the brazilian wolves do?
i wonder if all latin wood is like that?
if so…
sign me up!

lowkey: those slaps he put in that fox…
 turned me on lowkey heavy.
i’d let a wolf slap me like that during the moment.
during a session that we really into it tho.
any other time and he’ll get poisoned.

harry lins pictures credited: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “f0XXX: Harry Lins Likes Slap The Snot Out You During Sex”

  1. He sexy and all, but if that mofo slaps me…he gettin slapped (or maybe even punched) back! LOL
    I don’t know why, but them Brazilian and sometimes Dominican kats love to slap when they’re fuckin’.

      1. Rican guy are always horny and rough even on the receiving end. Take it from me, my Partner is Puerto Rican and I’m part Dominican part Jamaican so you know that’s a lot of fireworks right there. They like to dominate and be dominated..they are just freaks overall. Dominican guys are similar to Brazilian guys. Expressive,dominating and love to show skin.

  2. Damn, he can slap me into next morning. I love Brazilians. Now I have something to think about at night when I go to sleep. That dick looks like it hurts so good.

  3. Oh hell naw lol…i could see a little smack but thats a bit much for me. The bottom threw that hand up on that second vid LMAO..

  4. As someone who is Latino, ova here, me. Let me give some details.
    Brazilians = Aggressive, crazy sex
    Puerto Ricans = Sweet passionately love making and whispering sweet nothing
    Dominicans = Sex in the water, they have an obsession to make love in showers or their favorite the beach
    Cubans = A lot and a lot of kissing during sex.
    I, personally, can say that Latinos are little bit better in bed, but it depend on the guy tho so don’t get angry or judgemental.But from my experience a lot of Spanish Caribbeans and Brazilian men are very passionate, forward, and sweet.

    1. Lindo…I used to date a crazy ass Cuban. And I do mean CRAZY, but that mofo didn’t like to kiss. The PR kat I messed with REALLY liked to kiss, and his shyt was on point! Haven’t dated a Dominican or Brazilian yet…but I’m lookin’!! LOL

      1. Yea Cubans have some bad ass tempers, but I’m surprised because they LOOOOVE kissing. But I personally would never date a Cuban, well maybe a black Cuban.

    2. Lmbooooo! My roommate always uses to complain that I took too long in the shower even if I took 10 minutes and he didn’t need to use it. I figured it out when he said I could swim naked in a pool when I didn’t have swimming trunks.

  5. That first slap would’ve caught me off guard but the 2nd I would’ve got up swinging. Zamn Zaddy at the way he was dicking him down. SMH those vines have disturbed my spirit…I need to be touched now.

  6. @Lindo…He was possessive/obsessive. He wasn’t used to being “talked back” to when he wanted something. He had an explosive temper that only took me two times to see before I headed for the door, and once I did that, his stalker mode kicked in. But the one thing is that he loved himself so much. Always looking in a mirror. LOL
    His kisses were awful. He did it, but he didn’t think two guys should be kissing. Yeah, they could fuck…but not kiss. Go figure.

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