The Silence of The introverted Fox

tumblr_lq9xd03xTF1qzt15cthere are two types of personalities out there.
one finds energy amongst people and are social butterflies.
those would be called extroverts.
the other would be introverts.
those folks find most of their energy alone and are naturally shy.
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Ask Me To Come Out Again and I’ll Punch You In The Face (Introvert Problems)

tumblr_ksa4p61pe91qa3y9vo1_500_large2you ever met someone who can’t sit the fuck down?
like, they always have to be everywhere.
they’re never alone because they serial date,
or go through friends like toilet paper.
well meet the extrovert.
i know you met that person who is extremely quiet.
super duper shy and it may take a lot to get their out their shell.
they usually keep to themselves and mind their business.
well hello there introvert.
most of the big time celebs are usually introverted.
jay z,
angelina jolie,
johnny depp,
and julia roberts.
they open up when it’s for work or whatever.
other than that,
they are extremely private and like it like that.
breezy wolf,
evelyn lozada,
kim kardashian,
and charlie sheen are extroverts.
extroverts don’t think before they do something.
they also need people to help them recharge.
if you pay close attention online,
you can tell who is who.
it’s really not that hard once you read twitter timelines or see instagram photos.
so i had to ask…

Which one are you?

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