Ask Me To Come Out Again and I’ll Punch You In The Face (Introvert Problems)

tumblr_ksa4p61pe91qa3y9vo1_500_large2you ever met someone who can’t sit the fuck down?
like, they always have to be everywhere.
they’re never alone because they serial date,
or go through friends like toilet paper.
well meet the extrovert.
i know you met that person who is extremely quiet.
super duper shy and it may take a lot to get their out their shell.
they usually keep to themselves and mind their business.
well hello there introvert.
most of the big time celebs are usually introverted.
jay z,
angelina jolie,
johnny depp,
and julia roberts.
they open up when it’s for work or whatever.
other than that,
they are extremely private and like it like that.
breezy wolf,
evelyn lozada,
kim kardashian,
and charlie sheen are extroverts.
extroverts don’t think before they do something.
they also need people to help them recharge.
if you pay close attention online,
you can tell who is who.
it’s really not that hard once you read twitter timelines or see instagram photos.
so i had to ask…

Which one are you?

tumblr_m8da1at9ds1qlfwdoo1_500after some soul-searching and research,
i have come to the conclusion that i’m a social introvert.
i always wanted to be a full on extrovert,
but i’m realizing that isn’t “me”.
this summer of being in the crib was my first clue.
me is quiet if i don’t know you.
me ain’t walking up to no wolf i’m attracted to.
me also keeps to himself and has no issue being in my crib.
on the flip i like to meet new people.
i like going out and having fun.
i also like going to different places and seeing new things.
i always tend to meet an extrovert and i feed off their energy.
they also feed off mine because i’m level headed and laid back.
everyone who has ever been my friend has been an extrovert.
they usually came up and scooped me.
star fox was a big time extrovert.
i know now because he always had to everywhere,
leaving me to understand why he couldn’t sit his ass down,
but that’s how we worked so great and had a good balance between us.

tumblr_livwm1bF8p1qgis9do1_500i’ve always been shy.
always getting “why are you so quiet?”.
sometimes id ask, “why are you so damn loud?”.
so now that i’m alone,
i have to figure out how to make introvert work.
i really don’t know how and that’s been a major issue.
i’m so use to having someone stronger in my life to guide me,
to take charge,
and ask for advice when i needed it.
it’s like i feel lost and i’m actually finding it tough to start over.
what’s weird is once i find my way in,
that’s when i make things happen.
that’s where the “social” part of my introversion comes in.
i know how to talk to people and sell myself.
when i’m comfortable,
i get it in.
being on the outside tho,
with no way of getting in,
is the biggest problem with myself and most introverts.
those big times introverted celebs all got in the door through an extrovert(s).
that leads to “le sigh” in my life.
so i started to wonder…

How can an introvert become successful on their own?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Ask Me To Come Out Again and I’ll Punch You In The Face (Introvert Problems)”

  1. I’m right in between the two. I can be quiet, but at times I can be the loudest in the room, literally lol.

    If an introvert is going to be successful, they are going to have to start communicating more. They can’t get to the top by themselves, just like an extrovert can’t. You have to know somebody if you are going to be somebody.

  2. I’m a chameleon. I adapt to the situation while still maintaining my personality in whatever surrounding I’m in. I’m an open book, that will openly speak my opinions and views, but I pick and choose when and where I do it. I guess I’m an introverted extrovert, or an extroverted introvert, lololol.

  3. I’m a chameleon. I maintain my personality, but adjust to the situation. I’m an open book that will gladly voice my opinions, views, beliefs, etc. but I also pick and choose when I put it on display. I guess I’m an introverted extrovert, or an extroverted introvert!

  4. Good entry………I happened to see this on Tumblr and it lead me here. I am an introvert for the most part and I also have a hard time coming out of my shell. Waiting for answers…..

  5. Introvert sometimes but I will open up & be the center of attention if I need to be…I think most people will be in between the two.

  6. I’d rather be home. I don’t really like going out and people think Im really quiet. I really don’t like talking and communicate better through texts and email.

  7. This subject pulled me out of lurking. Most homos are extroverts. They are messy as hell, always at the gay club every night, and let any dick up in their ass. It takes a special kind of homo to avoid all that and focus on what’s important. Sorry to say you will be alone because homos need to fuck everything for their energy. Black people as a race always think a nigga is weird because he is introverted. Like niggas all have to entertain someone like a bunch of Sambos to be important. That’s all I have to say. Bye.

      1. Whether introvert or extrovert, AINTTH3TYPICALHOMO, all that self hate and negative energy towards others who are different or have difference than you isn’t cool. Everyone is aware of the negatives of the lifestyle, however an enlighten individual knows that you should not generalize or attack another character to make a point.

        But to answer your question Jamari, the solution simply put is to allow others in. For example, you seem to get along with some of the frequent contributors here, so extend invite to get to know them better. You say that we are a family, why not get to know a distant cousin or two. It wont hurt anything, especially because you can still dictate how the communication begins and is maintained.

  8. I’m an introvert as well.I used to hate it because it made me an easy target.I’m an introvert which means I don’t want to be the center of attention but because I was quiet, the loud mouth extroverts would turn the attention towards me.

    Sort of like in school when the teacher would call on you then every kid in the classroom turns their head to look at you.

    Had I been an extrovert, my life probably would’ve been better thus far but I can’t help it.God didn’t make me that type of person.Plus I can’t stand people who have to be the loudest.Also, a lot of extroverts lack common sense.

    I’ve gotten better than i used to be, even though I was never as bad as people thought I was.I would be very quiet but when I warmed up/got used to being around you, I will talk to you like you’re my best friend.Everyone was always shocked to find out how my personality actually is because I was always quiet around them.I probably wouldn’t have been bullied had I been an extrovert because then I’d probably be apart of their childish shenanigans.

    I wish I could be a perfect blend of both.

  9. You just described me to the T! I’m an introvert. I’m an only child, so that may have something to do with it. I always was a quiet/shy kid and very soft spoken. I still kinda am (that benefits me in a few ways; people think its so cute.). When I would talk, some people would really jump or look at me like I’m crazy because they thought I was mute and I didn’t have a voice. lol. Being an introvert person does make you an easy target, but the thing about that is is that most people know you don’t bother anyone and will take up for you and possibly fight someone (I know from experience). Most of my friends are extroverts, however sometimes I can’t be around them for long periods of time because they are too loud or too out there. I’m normally quiet when I first meet people because I like to observe their ways before I associate myself with them. Once I’m comfortable with you, I will talk to you like I’ve known you for years. People have told me I’m one of the coolest and loyalist people they know, but they thought I was stuck up because I don’t say much. Even if I don’t talk to someone, I still greet people with a smile, head nod, simple whats up, or something. The quietest people have the loudest minds.

    I can talk about this for hours (no pun intended, but I’ll just stop right there). lol

  10. One thing I have learned about social media and the internet is that introverts THRIVE in this environment. However, there seems to be a trend amongst introverts to completely mischaracterize what extroverts are really about. We’re not all loud, obnoxious, disrespectful ppl. Just like all introverts aren’t mute and antisocial. One is not superior to the other. We’re just different. Many of the “extroverts” you find online, are actually introverts masquerading as such. Which explains a lot of the excess you get with those personalities.

    I’m an extrovert, I love social situations. However, I have realized that I NEED my alone time to reflect and recharge. Otherwise I would be bouncing off the walls. Those extroverts that you meet that are super aggressive and loud are probably one’s that haven’t yet embraced their inner introvert. Same with super introverts, they need to embrace their inner extrovert. The “embracing” takes conscious effort though. Part of growing to know who you are.

    Take the myers-briggs personality test guys. This is a really good personality quiz. Let’s you know how much introvert or extrovert you really are



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