The One Who Kinda Hates Himself…

… But Wants To FUCK U?

Why do they do what they do?

Especially if they know they will get caught up in the near future?

Have you ever met “The One Who Kinda Hates Himself”?
Um yeah, I know we all have.
I have actually sat in the same room as one, cringing.
Either trying to crack “GAY” jokes on everyone,

Everyone is GAY to him.
He can point out someone GAY in a crowd.
He is ANTI GAY… but he knows so much about them, which always puzzled me.

But, it’s funny because deep down inside…

He either wants some hard pipe or a warm Foxhole.

I never understood why they do what they do.
Secretly, they want to know what it feels like to be a Fox… or even a Wolf.
And are usually caught lurking on chat sites or in the back of gay clubs.

Seriously, what is the point?

I mean, do I need to add people to the roster of “Ones Who Hate Themselves”?
So many priests, celebrities, and random Joes outing themselves trying to out others.
I think the most famous one is Eddie Longstroke.
He was homophobic in his sermons, but secretly turning out boys in his congregation.

I use to know one in real life.

He went to a church and he was so anti-anything gay.
I tried to be cool with him, since we were introduced by a mutual friend
who wanted me to go to church after the deaths of my parents.
I was also told he lost his parents and it would be wise to connect with him.
So, I would try to get to know him but he would do the nastiest things to me.
I would call him and say “What are you doing?”
He would reply:

“Your not my girlfriend. Why are you asking me what am I doing?”


I would call again just to have random conversation:

“Hey whats going on?”
“Dudes don’t ask each other whats going on…”

… and for a while,
that use to have my brain all fucked up.
Like, other Straight Wolves would call and ask me to chill and would ask me:

“Yo J whas good? wha you doing?”

…and I wouldn’t know what to say LOL.

He would be nasty and jealous of me and even have his fat girlfriend spite me.
He went around the same church and was telling people that I tried to come onto him.
He was okay with acne and bad teeth,had no style, and was broke as HELL.
His only redeeming quality was his plump ass.

If I was the type to come onto random Straight Wolves,
I’m sure my love and sex life would be a lot more exciting.
Some believed what he was saying, while a whole slew of others didn’t.
Outwardly I was PISSED but inwardly, I was really hurt.
I had some Wolves ready to beat his ass one night for starting that rumor.
I never did anything to him that would make him question me.
Now that I look at it, it all worked out because he was definitely missing a lot of swag.
Plus, people thought HE was gay and talked mad shit about him.

I always wondered about homophobia.
Why do these people want to preach so much hate, but end up being the same thing they hate?
Is it them reflecting a mirror on another to avoid themselves?
If this is the case, wouldn’t it just be easier to shut up and keep it moving?
And why is it always those pseudo-Christians?

As Foxes and Wolves,
we will experience people like this in one stage or another.
They may direct the hate towards you, or may do it to someone else in front of you.
I think it is pretty annoying, especially when they think every Fox or Wolf wants to rape them.
It is usually the other way around, right?
When it comes to these homophobic people…

Why are you fighting it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The One Who Kinda Hates Himself…”

  1. I personally feel as if all these guys aren’t closeted gays, but lots of people re very uncomfortable with th unknown.. I grew up in church all my life, i ushered, sang in choir, bible studied and more… I was taught that homosexuality was wrong, and tahtvu will burn in hell for being so… Didn’t come out until I was 22 I’m 30 now, but i was a total dl fox, hung out with all the dudes went thru a slew of girlfriends, and what not… I say all this to say, a lot of these behaviors come from how people grow up, and what they’ve been taught is wrong or right.. Bcuz at that time of my life I was definitely guilty of being anti gay, but kept a dick in my mouth!! Lol…

    1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL at you keeping a dick in your mouth.
      Talk about having a mouthful.

      Can I ask what made you come out?
      And do you think these guys start to come out as they get older?

      1. I was actually forced out of the closet!! Everybody knew I was a full-time fox but me!! I got caught at a family members house getting smashed to smithereens!! And no I don’t necessarily think that they come out as they get older, because I think I would still be living the lie had I not gotten caught!! They come out when they either get caught or they are tired of lying, hiding, and not being ble to be who they are… I can truly say after all this time i still have no gay friends, I’m uncomfortable around anything that would be considered “to gay”, but like I said, I was raised that way…

  2. ^Smashed to Smithereens?!?!

    I love it.
    Well not that you got caught lol
    I kinda grew up in a church kind of background to so I can relate myself.
    This is why I stay out of church and praise God in my own home.
    Church folks are on some new shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

    1. True story, I think that the Christians need to know that god has no grey area, sin is sin, and we r not to judge one another, because god us the one and only true judge! Because just like a job people love to make the rules apply to them, and they do the same thing with the bible, they make it apply to their lives and their beliefs…but going in on Christianity is a whole different topic!! Lol!

      1. LOL a whole nother slippery topic.

        I think that Christians are the biggest hypocrites.
        They will forgive a murderer but will condemn someone who is gay.
        They can’t be blamed because this is what was taught.
        What we were taught.
        BUT… they need to also be taught to shut the FUCK up and realize when they are contradicting themselves.

  3. A few quick thoughts just because a person is homophobic doesn’t mean that they are secretly gay like Richie said and I think that in most cases they are like everyone else who fear what they don’t understand. In my experience fucking gay peeps tend to be more homophobic than str8 peeps. Regarding Bishop Long there is no concrete evidence to support that he is a pedophile or that he molested those boys. Remember the case was settle before they even got to the deposition phase, and so there are no details about what happen. Just because a person settled a case doesn’t mean that they are guilty, and like Michael Jordan said one time “celebrities have to learn which bogus case to fight and which one to settle. Legally the most often reason for a settlement before trail is based on the question is it cheaper for me to fight this case or is it cheaper for me to settle this case. This thought process is based on the calculation that when one factors in lawyers costs, court costs, the costs of being tried in the court of public opinion, and what is the cost if they lose the case?

    What annoys me the most when people label the alleged victims of long strokes’ sexing is that the chose to settle the fucking case in other words they took the fucking money and ran. They could have taken the high ground and took the case to trial so that the could fully exposed the Bishop but they didn’t and as a result the truth will never come out. So I have no fucking pity for them nor do I think that they were brave.

  4. I see the most homophobic behavior at the Barbershop its always some fat out of shape buster(either barber or customer) who nobody gay would even let take out their trash much less date, talking shit about gay people. From my experience it is always somebody who looks like shit that always has something to say about gay people. This even goes for females, always the fat mean hateful shape girls who are mad I guess they hate seeing good looking men checking for another man. Keep living good and looking good, its the best revenge for the hate.

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