the house down on the left is where the anal sodomy happened…

ya’ll send me some wild stories.
i feel like every story gets wilder than the next.
when i look at ^that beautiful home in the above picture,
i’d think of a bomb fireplace,
white carpeting,
good lighting,
and a backyard to have bomb cookouts.

It was the den of a street gang down in Georgia.

it was also where death and anal sodomy happened too.
per fox 5 atlanta

Arrest warrants have revealed new details in a bizarre case of an alleged kidnapping and SWAT standoff in a metro Atlanta suburb Monday afternoon.

Fayetteville police arrested 36-year-old Augustus Romain and 21-year-old Xavier Rushin Wednesday in connection with the standoff at a home in the Woodbyne subdivision off of White Road.

According to investigators, officers responded to the home on Selwyn Court after a man called 911 and claimed he had been kidnapped by an organization. The man told the 911 operator that he was being held against his will in the home’s garage.

Police tracked the call to the neighborhood and saw someone waving their hand out of the home’s garage window.

After surrounding the home, officers asked everyone inside to come out. While nine people exited, Fayetteville police say they determined one more person was inside and tried to make contact.

Hours later, police robot discovered 18-year-old Amonte T. Ammons dead from what police say was an “apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.” 

Now in a newly released warrant, the Fayetteville Police Department says that two men had been forced at gunpoint from part of the home into its padlock locked garage and were not allowed to leave.

Officials allege that Romain, who also goes by the name “Gazi Kodo” is the leader of a group known as the Black Hammer Party, an organization which describes itself as a “symbol of hope for the colonized working class” and which police say they have documented as a “criminal street gang.” Rushin, also known as “Keeno,” and Ammons, aka “AP,” were both members of the group, the warrant states.

According to the warrant, Romain ordered both Rushin and Ammons to point guns at the two victims and forced them into the garage so that he “could anally sodomize” at least one of them.

a strong case of “wtf”.
i’m sure the neighbors have all the good gossip on that block too.
i can only imagine what is gonna be revealed when they are questioned.

article cc: fox5atlanta

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “the house down on the left is where the anal sodomy happened…”

  1. I’m surprise to see Gazi in this spotlight and it seems he’s taken the far right approach and I alway knew this guy was crazy and funny at the same time from his Youtube channel. Well I guess he went far extreme on this one.

  2. Not Gazi! I’m surprised you haven’t heard of him before. He and his group were the ones rallying for Nicki Minaj in front of the CDC when she got herself in hot water for questioning the covid vaccines. Anyways, I’m so shocked at this. I still remember him from his early YouTube days before he lost his mind. It’s been so sad to see how insane he’s become, but I NEVER would have expected it to go this far.

  3. And the gays strike again with their monkey pox. I wonder if rape and anal sodomy is the reason it’s spreading so rapidly. Oh dear. Doesn’t look good.

    1. In the words of Tisha Campbell in the movie Boomerang, “I hope you catch a disease and yo dick falls off.” You could’ve left that Monkey Pox comment to yourself because people been fucking raw since way before Jesus was born. Soldiers had men sex slaves whenever the women were too loose and they wanted something tighter or just like it that way. They been having orgies and doing a lot worst but yet people want to blame what gays are doing now on what’s the cause for everything coming out. Like it was the gays spreading Covid, shut the fuck up with blaming gays for every disease! I don’t wish that on anybody, I don’t even wish the Chicken Pox on people! Mosquito bites are just as irritating but to type some dumb ass shit, were your parents cousins from Identical Twins? Is your brain leaking somewhere a gay surgeon needs to look at and fix?

    2. You do know monkey pox isn’t new and existed for decades in other countries. You do know it’s not a disease based on sexual orientation right? I find it amazingly ironic how folks that are the loudest tend to most misinformed. You chose to be ignorant when information is available. But I guess whatever gets you attention. Trolls will be trolls

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