The Gays On Love & Hiphop Give Everyone A Bad Name!!!

…says “no one”.
that’s “low hanging fruit” in it’s natural habitat.

so i thought mona said there was no more fighting on her shows.
was i thinking about what shaunie said about basketball wives?

either way,
these shows need some kind of “paw-to-jaw” to keep ratings high.
well ^that picture above was misster ray bloody at the “lhhh” reunion.
this was what went down apparently…

i don’t know the background with these two,
but the one with the dreads goes from “1 to 1,000” real quick.
“lhhny” premieres in two weeks tho.
they have their own set of gays making their debut.
k michelle’s ex stylist,
and his wolf,
trent crews

let’s hope they can bring some class to the “new yawk” portion.
i might be asking for too much.

lowkey: lil mo and her husband are joining new yawk too.
we have talked about him ( x before ).

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “The Gays On Love & Hiphop Give Everyone A Bad Name!!!”

  1. Honestly, I like Zell and Misster Ray looks like a fat gay version of The-Dream. Zell is a good kiki and also he seems like the type of dude that would fuck with you and tell you he loves you while stalking you after you break his heart. LOL I’m playing, but I like Zell cuz he’s real and funny. He reminds me of that dude that was chasing Gangstalicious in the Boondocks and gave him a wet, sloppy kiss and try to kill him. LMAO.

    1. I think it’s because they really interacted with the rest of the cast. Miles and Milan filmed only with each other for the whole season it seemed like plus their storyline wasn’t funny to watch.

  2. Zell appears to be one of those ppl you love through the tv only because you don’t know him in person. He’s funny/blunt, but seems extremely childish.

  3. Raccoon looking dude knows who to fuck with.

    He’d never step to a real man like that. I hear he’s been hopping from couch to couch forever…

  4. I have not seen one gay man on the show that has any type of morals and decency. No, other gay men do not represent me, but I would love for us to be seen in a more positive light, However, in the back of my mind, I know there are many gay men that are messy, so there is that. They always love showing the negative side, which always reinforces the stereotypes that are out there.

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