All Hail King James

can we talk about his skin on that cover.
he looks great.
it’s something about king james tho…

he always makes me feel so hot.
well king james landed on the november cover of gq,
as well as a whole interview inside.
these are the pictures he took in the issue…


he is sexy af.
i don’t care what anyone says.
i saw him in real life and up close last year.
pictures definitely don’t do him any justice.
i love everything about the outfits he was styled in.
i’ll take all those coats off his paws.
you can check out king james in gq next month,
but you can read his entire interview:


lowkey: it’s crazy he is married with like 4 cubs.

8 thoughts on “All Hail King James

  1. It’s all about that body!!! He’s just so big and I just want to dominate him and do as I want with him. Just teach him all kinds of tricks!!

  2. I just don’t see what people see in him. He’s not attractive to me. He has great height and nice body but that’s it.

  3. Jamari, I can tell you from using photo editing software that that’s what magazine companies use to touch up pictures of their subjects (in this case LeBron James) so that they can correct any type of real life flaw they have. Of course, they had to do some color correction, saturation, motion blur, any blinking, and lighting issues. Also, they would add effects to further illustrate what they want to say. That’s the whole point of visual communications and graphic design. As far as finding LeBron James attractive, ehhh….no. I think Deandre Jordan is attractive as well as Tyson Chandler and Paul George.

    1. Right lol. When I see magazine covers and photo shoots the last thing that I’m thinking about is how “good” somebody’s skin looks. We all know about the retouching and editing that goes on during these professional shoots. These people don’t look like how they do in the commercials and magazines. Those exposed L’Oreal Beyoncé pictures will attest to that. And I think Beyoncé is still a beautiful woman but those pictures just were a testament of how everything is edited to appear a certain (unrealistic) way in photo shoots.

      1. And we as people of color would eat it up so much that we’ll buy into it. The same goes for food ads and weight loss ads. I’ve studied advertising in college and also graphic design and see exactly where all of this is going. I wish i worked in advertising but i realized that its too much bullshit to get into and bullshit you’re putting out. Its just like media though which it is a monster in itself.

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