RIP to Mychael Knight

well i read some shocking news today.
fashion designer,
mychael knight,

dead at 39 years old.
i remember star fox (rip) loved him when he was on “project runway”.
this was mychael in 2016 @ 5:14:

…but this picture of him,
taken a month ago,
made me gasp out loud at work…

can someone explain to me what happened to mychael?????
how did he drop weight so drastically?
eta: according to ybf,
this is why he got so skinny:

cam’ron had that same thing.
it was the reason he was so skinny at one point.
either way,
my thoughts and prayers go to the family.
rip to mychael.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “RIP to Mychael Knight”

  1. Wow, I remember him at the beginning cycle of that runway show;and correct me if i’m wrong, but wasn’t he on Housewives of Atlanta helping Sheree Whitfield?

    1. Oh shit, I just refreshed my browser to see those pictures. I know personally what stomach issues can do, and if I was close to him, I would have referred him to a Acupuncture specialist stat!! Leaky gut is nothing to mess with even gastritis and thank god I sought help from friend because of my issues.

  2. U don’t die from IBS…is it annoying and mad uncomfortable in degrees? …yes. ..but u don’t expire b/c of it….but anyhoo, RIP bruh…

  3. I kind of remember him if I’m correct I really wanted him to win his season but he didn’t and I was disappointed. RIP to him 🙁

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