the gays blacklisted boosie from working out today (he big mad)

boosie is leading the charge for homophobia,
but he is gonna lose a few luxuries along the way.
his gym membership to “planet fitness” is one.
a gay manager didn’t allow boosie to enter the premises today.
the manager was upset over his views over dwyane’s wade trans child.
this is what he put on his ig in response to it…

they say when someone is angry,
their true feelings always come out.
everything in that caption was so hateful,
but i’m glad he’s being as open and honest as possible.
even tho boosie is mos def a bully,
he’s standing in his homophobic conviction with no fucks to give.
i say continue and go forth!
more jackals and hyenas need to be like this,
if he goes and apologizes for this rampage,
it would make me utterly sick to my stomach.

Too many jackals and hyenas apologize so they can get remain in our good graces

they do it in fear of their bags getting stopped or popularity dwindling.
boosie is the pretty much a villain to the gay community.
i’m glad he makes sure we can always “see” him clearly.

low-key: i feel sorry for any of his kids who might be gay.
he is gonna be a real piece of work,
but that karma might be delicious.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “the gays blacklisted boosie from working out today (he big mad)”

  1. I think the Wades are doing the right thing but I am a bit concerned about Zaya’s safety. Unfortunately not everyone is open , loving and accepting of others. Most of it is always rooted out of fear, lack of knowledge and self hate. People are still killing people because they are black, brown etc..LGBTQ and other marginalized people are “tolerated” as long as they are not perceived as encroaching on others lives and opportunity..this is when anger rises and the violence begins. I pray Zaya and others stay protected and strong and stand up to live who they are abd who they eventually will become!

  2. He was clearly turned out in prison. His description of sex in prison was quite detailed. I am also sure he dated at least one transwoman, so this is him fighting with his demons knowing he’d get clowned like Malik Yoba did.

  3. What in Z List Celebrity hell is going on here. Planet Fitness??? I mean really, its not like he cant do a “Chitlin Circuit” show and get enough money to upgrade his gym membership, or even go to Academy and buy him a weight bench. It has to be more to this story, this Pineapple probably had an overdraft on his account for their monthly $10 dollar membership fee. He has over 6 million Instagram followers so you can believe that he has influence on many people who think just like he does when it comes to Gay issues. I think a lot of Gay people think that things are progressing because they see support in the media and forget the majority of people in these United States think just like this Ghetto Drop and do not see anything wrong with their continued hatred toward gay people. Gay people are still being beat and hurt over who they are and it is more Boosie’s out here than genuine allies. Boosie does not care because lets face it his fanbase is going to support him regardless and it is not like even had a shot any type of real mainstream crossover appeal. I guess people forget it was a whole movement of Pineapples staging protest and writing Obama to free this Felon when he was locked up.

  4. I don’t agree with Boosie’s attitude towards the Wade’s, but I also disagree with the gay manager at Planet Fitness. This could leaf to the guy’s termination. With that being said, Boosie needs no more attention at this point. We can boycott his music and hit him in the wallet. Then, he will wake up or at least be somewhat tolerant. The hip hop community will always be anti-LGBTQ, so stop inviting them to roundtables, performing at Pride events, etc.

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