2020 wants all the smoke (rip to pop smoke)

pop smoke was only 20.
lemme font ya foxhole,
ya fox been out in these forests a lot more than before.
that is the only good thing to come out of my last job.

My ex-coworkers be outside and want me outside with them

when this song would come on at the various spots i’d be at…

it was a done deal.
the bk heads would lose their shit.
my ratchet side would literally jump out of me.
that song was that bk grime missed in hip hop right now.
pop smoke was gunned down early this morning.
he was a rising talent within the hip hop community.
it’s a shame that he was taken so soon.

i don’t know what tf is going on with 2020,
it’s one thing after another.
i’m tired.
its like my depression is at an all time high.
i don’t even think a proper dick down would help.
the energy is off and things don’t make any sense.
you think you going in one direction and then

i’m praying for better days ahead.
those in struggle,
i’m praying we get through unscathed.
i really do.
rip to pop smoke.

low-key: they said this year was all about karma.
whether good or bad,
folks will be receiving their karma.
if i did anything wrong,
i’m asking for forgiveness.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “2020 wants all the smoke (rip to pop smoke)”

  1. GOOD RIDDANCE to another no good homophobe!!! He vocalized in song he wanted no gays around him now he’ll be around nobody in the dirt.

      1. Nah boo he’s a Gen Z, I’m sure him being from this generation he knows enough about gays, there’s no time to grow! I’m sick of us always being the peaceful ones allowing people to HATE & bash us until they can “grow”!

  2. That song was pure trash 🚮 It make me not want to listen to his other music, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be hailed as a legend and the second coming of Christ now that he’s dead like they did Nipsey

  3. I am not a rap fan and had never heard of him but it saddens me anytime I read about another young black person murdered.It saddens me that homicide is one of the leading causes of death(some reports say it’s The leading cause of deaths) for black men ages 15-34 in this country.

    Condolences to his family,friends and his fans.

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