The Game: “I Never Banged Khloe, But We Lived Together Tho”

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 5.20.06 PMso the game decided to clear up those rumors he had his pipe all in the big kardashian.
this is what he told karen civil

Before they were famous, the Game says he and the reality star were roommates in a five-bedroom house in Burbank, California. “Me, Khloe and three other of my friends, who are all males, we had a house that we all rented that was in Burbank when we all were struggling artists, or trying to figure out where to go next and trying to figure out where¬†we’re gonna end up in life,” he said. “And Khloe was one of our roommates.”

Game assures that there is no funny business going on between him and the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star. “It’s not physical, sexual. Khloe’s like a sister to me and will always be a good friend to me, and that’s where it stops,” he said. “Lamar [Odom] is the homey, that’s his wife. Khloe is loyal to their marriage, so that’s what it is.”

he set up the train rumors didn’t he?
lets just look at him:

1394would it be rude to tell him:

“shut the fuck up and take your clothes off NOW!”

inside voice.

lowkey: the streets was talking and they said he banged kim in his car then kicked her out.
i also heard he had a sextape with kim and him he won’t release.
will the real receiver of jayceon terrell taylor’s pipe please stand up?

story from: karen civil / mtv

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Game: “I Never Banged Khloe, But We Lived Together Tho””

  1. I don’t think he got some, but someone in his crew definitely did. OAN, I would like to get some of the Game for myself.

  2. He looks damn good in that tux…and what female is gonna live in a house with four other dudes…and nothing happened?…sounds a little unlikely to me

  3. umm the only problem i have with this story is KHLOE NEVER struggled…didn’t they grow up in a pretty decent life? i thought their father was the defender in the oj case? maybe im wrong but i thought the kardashian family was living pretty decent before the fame, but then again i can see her being the chill homegirl that can hang with the guys and the girls

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