The BK Wolf Who May Have Hated “Us” Back Then

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.56.30 PMya’ll know how i feel about bk brandon.
he is one of the finest straight wolves to come from brooklyn.
like many of those who are on “the finest list”,
they aren’t for “us” a majority of the time.
bk brandon allegedly was one of them.
i said “was” because according to one of my f-bi,
he use to allegedly drop the “f” bomb on his twitter.
and no…

…not just “fuck”.


you know how you can see past time lines and shit.
allegedly he said some real disgusting things about gays.
i had to wonder if he may have changed his stance?
from his instagram,
he comes off really “zen” since he had his cub,
but had legit “asshole” tendencies back then.
he also seems nicer and more accepting of his gay fan base now.
so can a  straight wolf really change his fur?
sometimes we have an opinion about things back then,
but things do change as the future goes on.
we get out there,
meet more animals,
and our opinions shift about things we use to condemn.

i’m just playing devil’s advocate

lets not act like we all didn’t change our opinions as we grew up.
some of us use to hang tough in this life,
and as the years went on,
we couldn’t stand to be on the scene anymore.
i mean he could still be a homophobic dickhead.
he could know how to dress it up for his new attitude online.
i don’t know.
if so,
that would be really sad.
i would hate to look at him differently.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 6.26.14 PM



lowkey: people need to realize feminine animals aren’t the only gays.
your masculine homeboy you knew for years,
fucked the same hoes,
and played spots together can up and come out as gay too.
things change.
animals do as well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “The BK Wolf Who May Have Hated “Us” Back Then

  1. Some times you have experiences in life that really change you. You said he has a cub? Maybe that had something to do with it, I bet it did.

    I mean I know I said and did some shit that was just dumb, stuff that’s not even worth repeating. I try to always be kind and do what I should have done when I get another chance.

  2. This is the attitude a lot of these fine ass straight wolves have. I’m sure in his prime he was more like open with his homophobia because who’s going to challenge him with all the female fans he had. I’m sure he thought he didn’t need by fans but what he probably realize was that the female fan base isn’t going to support you like the gay on will.

    Most of these online male attentionistos need to understand if you released a calendar or a nude book 80% of your audience that’s going to actually spend the money and buy that stuff are men. Women tend to get bored and move onto the next attractive hot guy, but you’re gay Fanbase if you treat them right and you’re not homophobic they will be loyal.

    I hope this attitude towards gays has changed because I do believe people are able to mature through the years. It would be a shame if he was just masking how he really feels to just seem like he’s not homophobic .

    P.S. I don’t about anyone else but it’s always a little disheartening to find out some I found attractive is a homophobe😤

    1. Mikey…a lot of these dudes posting these pics on their Instagram pages know damn well they not doing it just for females! I believe a lot of them do it to get themselves sugar daddies, or suckers to give them money and gifts!

    2. ^you are so on point with this comment mikey.
      these straight wolves don’t know where the money is at.
      vixens really do get bored fast.
      they also don’t really like muscles.

    3. Well, it’s always like that sometimes because it’s his perception, upbringing, and belief system that made him homophobic. I do believe he had a coming to Jesus moment with someone he knew that’s real close to him that told him about the LGBT community and the constant struggles that we face everyday.

  3. J, when you said “your masculine homeboy you knew for years, fucked the same hoes, and played spots together can up and come out as gay too”…man you ain’t never lied.
    I don’t know if it was because many of them went to jail, but a few kats I knew growing up and were hardcore str8…wel, I’ve heard some interesting tales about them since their release. One of them hit in me once, and when I didn’t reciprocate, he got scared and asked me to keep it quiet.
    I believe a LOT of guys are DL nowadays. I really do.
    I see it a lot at the barbershop. Dudes checking out dudes, when they think no one is watching.

    1. ^yeah A LOT of dudes seem to be low key creepin.
      not even with typical feminine dudes.
      nowadays they seem to be open.
      i peep them on the low on the train now.
      the older ones are much more bolder

      1. Yo, it’s comical. Some try to play it off, and others just don’t give a damn and will stare you down.
        That happened to me once and it made me uncomfortable like a mofo! LOL
        Yeah, most chicks nowadays will automatically criticize a dude on IG with a nice body as gay.
        I’ve heard conversations where they say the activities of these guys are suspect. Dudes taking ass pics in the mirror…suspect. LOL

    2. Christian, Jamari, and Mikey I swear we think so much alike. I wish we all were friends lol, but Christian I agree it seems like there is a lot of dl dudes out here now. I see this in the gym a lot dudes just constantly watching me. And you guys are so right a lot of females usually don’t like these Instagram attention seeking muscle head dudes, oh and a lot of these dudes are single if you get my drift. I have a lot of female cousins and a lot of them don’t really like these type of dudes, my female cousins say dudes with muscles are cute and their nice to look at but they not trying to get with them, their boyfriends just look like any ole regular dude which is not a bad thing.

  4. I really dont know nothing about this dude as he does not do it for me at all but with that being said, he is still the same homophobic str8 man he always was but realize as so many of these dudes who have to make money from sponsorship’s through social media, all money is green no matter where it comes from.

    I have just come to the conclusion that many str8 Black dudes are some of the most insecure dudes on the planet. Many wear there straightness as badge of honor and treat gay dudes worse than any body especially other Black gay dudes. I guess when you are treated so bad in society by everybody else it is easier to lash out at those who you perceive to be less than you, to make you feel you have power. I was out last night at a popular spot for Friday Night Happy Hr. It was a mix of all races of people and sexual orientations. I just was chilling enjoying myself and just so happen to be standing next to a group of homeboys who were out chilling, when this one Black dude approach them and started going off about Gay people being up in the spot. Apparently some White foxes were a little inebriated and started hugging on each other and had no fukks to give. No one really seemed to pay it any attention even the group until this one dude started acting like it was Armageddon approaching. I was saying to myself, why the hell is this str8 pineapple so worried and offended, just leave, it is 2016 are you really surprised. Of course he would not dare say anything or confront them, I guess he just needed some reassurance from other Black men who felt his pain. I notice that on IG, many Black dudes will not go in on gay dudes of other races like they will when a Black Gay man when he leaves a comment on their page, many will go ballistic but with dudes of other races, they calmly tell them, oh I dont get down like that, both the attentionista and other Black women will cuss and clown a Black gay man, I have seen it so many times. The epitome of hypocrisy. It is so simple, get your ass of social media taking pics half naked and you will not have these concerns.

    1. I agree Tajan, and I don’t see the hype about this one. Not attractive AT ALL to me, but I won’t knock others for liking what they like. I don’t have or follow IG much, and it’s for these reasons. I would feel sick if I felt like I was supporting a homophobe or someone who is exploiting my sexuality for their personal gain. Can’t do it.

      Yeah I noticed this also with black men. It’s to the point where I’m hesitant in meeting black dudes or befriending them. I can’t play the games they like to play just to stroke people’s weak egos. I know we’re not all like this, but you never know with ppl nowadays.

      Also, that guy sounded like he was just whining for attention as if his random opinion about gay people matters to anyone else other than himself. Some people just want to be the centre of attn at all times. They’re a nuisance.

  5. There’s something about him that comes off very immature, inauthentic, and just downright coonish. For example, read some of the captions under his photos. He can’t be serious, or is he? Either way, he’s good eye candy, but definitely not worth sending an e-mail to haha. 😉

    And as for the person who said he’s doing it because he knows who butters his bread, I completely agree. A lot of these attentionistos know that their fanbase is 60/40 (gay men to straight women) so by turn off a majority of your supporters?

    1. My question is: “why would anyone (gay men) want to support anyone (attnisto) who is just grinning their teeth and bearing their presence?”
      The thought of that makes me cringe. Or do they secretly like it? I doubt it, but it’s something that baffles me a bit tbh.

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