It’s A Good Weekend To Be Alive


the baller wolves are at the all star game in toronto
the singer and rapper wolves are in cali for the grammys
everyone else is in new yawk for fashion week
valentine’s day,
let’s hope some fuckery is abound.
the foxhole needs some entertaining foolishness.

7 thoughts on “It’s A Good Weekend To Be Alive

  1. I know some peeps who went to All-Star Weekend. They said it’s too damn cold to do much of anything! You get inside and STAY inside! LOL

  2. Jamari you should be at fashion week dude. Where is that beautiful vixen friend at, I feel like you’ll could do some damage on the fashion scene, with all the fox swag you post. Your too good not to be at these events where is your invite lol. I don’t mean to be nosy or seem like I’m telling you what to do. I just think you are great person who deserves so much more. I never ever thought I would have a connection with you and some other brothers who post here sine I never met you’ll, but I have to say thanks again for doing what you do.

    1. ^thank you for being a loyal reader e.

      i would love to be at fashion week.
      my dream is to get invites to attend.
      i use to work them in the past.
      i want to attend now.

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