Oh Mi Oh My

tumblr_static_4jpozzxw37s4wg0owo8c0sgow_2048_v2before i went to bed,
i got into it with mi last night.
i don’t know what has been up with this week,
but the negative energy has been at an all time high.
i was proud of myself tho…

i let her have it

she tried to hurt my feelings,
claimed she would tear up my home,
get someone to fight me,
called my landlord and said i was a bitch,
and did all this other nonsense to get under my skin.

it didn’t work

i’m at an advanced level of “fox”.
people forget the weakest animal can be the strongest.
i learned a lot from the books i’ve read and things i’ve experienced.
foxes are also very observant.
you cannot argue with a fool.
she will try to talk over you and talk a mile a minute to drown you out.

typical hood rat shit

it is easier to just keep your cool and let them wear themselves out.
mi does a lot of contradicting in her argument.
she says i think i’m the shit because i’m getting my life together.
she knew me when i was nothing.
well isn’t that a good thing?
i got my life together and allowing her to benefit off that?
i’m not seeing the complaints when she is watching free cable.
she is also extremely impulsive.
you already attacked me.
last night,
she was going in that direction again.
if anything went down,
i could claim self defense.
she also didn’t realize i was on the phone.
star fox’s mother heard the entire thing.
all those confessions of what she was going to do had a witness.

tumblr_o1ahms6oUt1tvu3mvo1_250once i started asking her if anything i’m saying was a lie,
she couldn’t say anything.
when i asked her if everything she thought about me was truth,
and the things i have also said to her as well,
she started to admit defeat.
it’s not like i was lying about anything.
these are things she has done that she didn’t do.
i asked her and she didn’t respond.
she felt “insulted”.
well the truth does hurt.
why is she getting so buck?
if it wasn’t for the “squatters rights” laws in new yawk,
she would have been out a long time ago.
i can’t feel bad about that.
it’s in the past.
i just have to coexist,
and find the peace,
until i can save up enough to go.
once i’m gone…

she’ll never see me again.

i forgive,
but i’ll never forget.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Oh Mi Oh My”

  1. I’m confused as to why you can’t get a court order for her to leave the premises. I’m praying for your peace and sanity bro!

    1. ^she is clearly unstable.
      i have to play this one smart.
      hell i personally want to leave to something better.
      i took your advice from the last entry as well.
      it has been working.

  2. High five for you, you’re thinking smart. This girl doesn’t have it together in her mind and her negative energy is not needed.

  3. I know that your cousin n all, but damn you should have never let her in your place. She’s sick in the head. No joke, but do you sleep with one eye open?

  4. Mental note: Not helping out family or friends for a place to stay. Maybe a night or two.
    Program activated.
    I couldn’t handle this. That’s just too much, like GET OUT!

  5. Its time you play crazy with crazy with this chick, family or no family. You need to have a few drinks with her one night and when she falls of to sleep, wake her ass up with a knife at her damn throat and tell her that you will “F” her up if she ever thinks about getting out of line with you. Sometimes you have go old school on these new school pineapples. You gotta let a Bih know you aint playing with them by scaring them out of they damn mind, where they wanna leave on their own accord. Either that or you are gonna have to let somebody else move in temporary with you to inconvenience her ass and let her know that your spot aint guaranteed, you can be replaced.

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