“The Big One” Has A Big One

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so i liked “the big one”.
never watched the show,
but she seemed like she had some common sense out of three.
well times have changed and i think she sold her soul a month ago.
i got a big question about “the big one” tho…

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when did she get all this ass??????

lowkey: “the big one” lost me when she posted this:

gmfgx7ki8dj27attog2aall the straight wolves were cosigning.
see thats the problem right there.
these chicks too comfortable.
we gon’ learn one day to stop giving out the “united national honorary negros” hood pass to just anyone.

kanye-west-gifshe since took it down.
i think she realized that wasn’t a brilliant desicion.

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Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on ““The Big One” Has A Big One”

  1. Revelation 2:14!!! The booty (rear END) been killing GOD’s chosen ppl since the beginning…will u “men” ever learn?!?!? Keep falling for the okie doke!!! Men chasing all kinds of booties even loving men wit these fake booties (as well as all other sexual perversions) Take note: Prov 5

  2. If the tables were turned, and these were 3 reasonably attractive African American girls who were so obviously ‘gold diggers’ that they make actual gold diggers ashamed, the world’s media would crucify them not report their every fart! Not to mention, if one of said 3 girls, only really became famous because of some nasty degrading sex tape, we would have never heard of them ever again. But no, these gold diggers love African American men, flaunt their black women’s bodies and make millions. Has the world gone completely mad?

    I have never seen their show, and never will. And a quick way for me to identify a complete idiot at any social gathering is if they mention even their names! I dismiss them completely and move on.

    And that’s the first and certainly the last time I ever intend on spending any time thinking about these sluts.

    1. LMBO!!! I hear u! I’m a young brown skin female, (what the english speaking worldly puppets confuse jewish ppl as being), from The Creator’s chosen tribe taken from the “continent” (or as a few dumb presidential candidates have called it…country) of Africa. & I really appreciate your honesty.

  3. Hell yea that shit is fake. When you gain a butt naturally, it shows in your thighs as well. Porsha’s body is a good example. Her legs complements her butt so you know it’s real.

    I can’t wait until the Kardashians get old man. Kim is already 34, she ain’t got long. Once she hits 40, it’s a rap for that ass. There will be someone new on the scene.

  4. i’d seen a segment of wendy williams a few months ago during the summer and when wendy has asked the audience had they thought she had surgery everyone replied ‘of course’ she never had a physique like that…EVER i guess that’s the Hollywood way…fake ass, fake tits, fake eyes, lightened skin…i would hate to see what these celebrity women look like without their ‘enhancers’ probably like a walking dead extra lol

  5. I too always had a soft spot for khloe because she had a smart mouth and call the rest of the family out on their bullshit. Plus she seems like the one to go have drinks with and have a ball.

  6. I’ve never watched the show but I always liked the one on the left, Kourtney. Something about her draws me to her more than the other two. Kim wears way too much makeup for my taste. Khloe is Amazon supreme and comes across manly for my taste. Kourtney is my cutie…but she keeps letting that sorry fuck knock her up! Does she like the brothas? Never saw her dating any.

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