I Co-Sign Your Entire Existence For Being Inside Me

tumblr_ln9bzsBpLZ1qae3xoo1_500the almighty co-sign of your life.
the one important thing people forget when trying to move up any ladder.
it’s when someone,
someone who has pull,
puts a stamp of approval on your existence.

“hire him”
“this place won’t run smooth without him”
“ain’t never met a person like him”

they are your reference for another job.
your entrance your career.
the person who will tell everyone you are the next big thing.
its like having your very own black card.
the virus scanner who runs in the background of your life.
so i had to ask…

Who is your co-sign?

when you have no credit,
and lets say you want a car or house,
you have to find someone with credit to help co-sign it for you.
when they co-sign with you,
they are actually putting their name on the line.
so you gotta make sure that you don’t fuck up.
once you fuck it up,
you pretty much damage your reputation in the process.

see people want to mingle with the ragamuffins.
the lower level.
they want to be all buddy buddy with the competition.
what they fail to understand is those same people,
the ones who on their level who are smiling up in their face,
will stab them in the back at a moments notice.
don’t think they won’t.
a co-sign won’t.
once you have a really big deal in your back pocket,
no one can really fuck with you.

giphyi’m thankful i have the co-signs of the people who read my site.
the ones who tell their friends and re-tweet/re-blog/re-love me.
thank you.
what ive realized is even tho i have co-signs at work,
i don’t have any for my site.
i can sit here and bust my ass every day,
making the greatest entries and getting a ton of comments,
but if i don’t have anyone who says:

“make jamari fox happen!

so i will always feel stuck at this job.
i will always feel like i’m going nowhere.
it is what it is.
i work daily to fix that.

people’s focus are in the wrong places.
instagram likes won’t get you a job or a record career.
happy hour doesn’t always lead to long lasting relationships.
talent doesn’t always equal success.
there are some un-talented people who are where they need to be out here.
everyone you see that is successful has a co-signer.
no whitney without clive.
no jackson without gordy.
no rihanna without jay-z.
no beyonce without dwayne wiggins.
no jay-z without brooklyn.
no big without puff.
no kardashians without ray-j.
no “my fave!” without “oh yeah they are a big deal!“.
you get the drift.
you have to make sure that you mingle with the right people,
ones who are in bigger positions,
all while being hungry and proving yourself,
that someone will take you seriously and make YOU happen.
without that,
you are just:

one road away from dead end
one accident away from debt
one bill away from bankruptcy

…and no amount of “i work hard” will make anyone care.
once jay-z,
la reid,
bill gates,
or the higher ups at your job says:

make “insert your name here” happen…”


GIF-Will-you-press-the-buttonas a fox/wolf/or hybrid,
you are only as good as your co-signs.
one day when you reach your level of success,
you will then become someone’s much needed co-sign.
pay it forward.

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  1. Great advice everyone can take something from this.

    P.s. With as popular as your site is I’m sure someone higher up see it’s potential and wants to do something with it.

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