Adam Lambert Judges A Certain Male Pop Star Who Want Gay Money

tumblr_nf07g1bJOb1qbpz9ho4_1280so ima throw “allegedly” all over this.
so adam lambert,
out american idol alum,
had something to say about a certain new male pop star.
he went on twitter to rant about how that certain male pop star,
one who was in a successful boy band with his brother,
maybe trying to get those gay dollars for his upcoming record.
well this is what adam typed up on twitter…

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 9.41.04 PM.







tumblr_inline_n5o4x9hRZn1qjrnew…who could he be talking about?
i wonder who?
well it is pretty obvious.
this is a business,
would adam have said anything about trying to appeal to the black dollars?

…i’ll wait.
i actually like the first single to certain male pop star.
if he wants to go after the gay money,
he gotta get in where he fit in

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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Adam Lambert Judges A Certain Male Pop Star Who Want Gay Money”

  1. What he means is that before they did not care about us, they only cared about the girls Disney and the girls, so now that they aren’t famous no more , and that all the girls are more attracted to the other singers they go and say, now hey gay people are always hungry for meat and muscles , u can change ur look and do some push-ups get hot and try to act as if u support them so ur album can sell,
    He is not hating he is just saying what I’m sure ” I’m not the only one thinking that” its a disrespect but okay we take it, he is trying but naaa,

    and adam lambert u stop acting like a drag queen, and start dressing more like a man so u can sell more

  2. I am pretty annoyed as being in both audiences he’s infiltrating… it’s not like he’s getting money from my black gay ass taking about his white girlfriend in this mediocre song lol

  3. Wow, I really like that gospel version, I wish a choir would do a whole album of pop songs like this. I can honestly say, I have never heard this dude or his brothers sing, or if I have I didnt know it was them singing, actually I really liked the choir, I can take or leave him either way. I am so behind on who who’s who in pop music. How is he being any different from countless females who do the same thing in pop music from the old gay iconic diva’s to the rising stars. You better go after your most loyal fan base if you want to eat in today’s music business.

  4. I don’t get why people are acting bothered by what Nick is doing.

    Its just something they are not used to

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