You Screw Cyrus and He Will Definitely Screw You Senseless

tumblr_nf0d2ozeGv1qmu7i0o1_1280well i wasn’t even ready for cyrus beene tonight on #scandal

so in my head,
michael was screwing cyrus.
Cyrus-Michael-2literally and figuratively.
michael is a “gay for pay” wolf and hired to get secrets out of cyrus.
well tonight,
cyrus realized he was getting screwed and decided to screw michael.
“turn around,
bend over,
and don’t say another word.”
so cyrus unleashed his inner-wolf and violated michael’s backside.
mchael looked scared when cyrus held his head down.
i’m sure cyrus smashed the living dog shit out of michael.
come to find out,
michael really likes cyrus and was screwed for no reason.
isn’t it funny how miscommunication can fuck you in your ass?
literally and figuratively.

lowkey: i always feel sorry for wolves who give up the bunz.
its definitely can be like a rape scene.

watch tonight’s episode: here

3 thoughts on “You Screw Cyrus and He Will Definitely Screw You Senseless

  1. I don’t feel sorry for my fellow wolves who give up the buns because most likely they weren’t wolves to begin with. Us real ones never give up the ass.

  2. I was surprised they were taking it as far as they did for a prime time (not cable) show.

    Michael looked as if he saw a ghost, lol oh well even if he cares for cy he still is keeping knowing that Lizzie chick a secret . That a no go in the playbook.

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