The Attentionisto Who Is Not Gay (I Repeat: NOT Gay)


so many times,
we hear rumors about many attentionistos/nistas on social media.

“she a hoe!”
“he escorts!”
“she broke!”

“he does netflix and chill with his second cousin!”

you don’t know what to believe anymore.
well “attentionisto to the foxhole”,
derek tramel,
has a message for ya.
you know.
the “life”.
check what he posted on his ig after he got a request from…


Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 11.55.37 AM






















has he ever heard of a “sentence structure”?
that was one long run on sentence.
so i have a problem with the above.
now i don’t know derek at all.
i only heard things through “the foxwire”.
if someone comes out with receipts and transcripts,
even graphs and power point presentations,
he is going to look like a heavy liar.
why even post something like that if you are straight?
it also reeks of arrogance and outed someone else.
sometimes it’s best to just not highlight the obvious.

and some of the attentionistos/nistas that follow,
some jackal is waiting to prove what really goes down in your dms.
if you are secretly:

bangin’ the same sex
hoin’ all over the east coast
having “patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man” contests

…and you post your disdain about it,
there is always someone who will call you out.

the jealous ex
the one night stand
the unhappy client
one of robin hood’s merry men who ain’t merry anymore

…then what?
erase all your social medias and make new private ones?
here is an idea:

just don’t fuckin’ talk about it.

“the straights” shouldn’t be addressing it publicly either.
tell the animal you aren’t gay and move along.
these moves always scream:

Why doth protest so much?

…and then someone goes sniffin’ around for the real story.
hell they might find some other horror instead.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

55 thoughts on “The Attentionisto Who Is Not Gay (I Repeat: NOT Gay)”

    1. ^but if he is DL,
      why even cause a scene?
      isn’t that defeating the purpose?

      dl really need to understand they WILL get hit on by other animals.
      it doesn’t mean they been outed.
      you look good so people gonna want to suck your dick.
      if you can’t deal,
      then fall off and become a hermit.

      1. You are right about him defeating the purpose by bringing attention to himself. Maybe he is like the kid who got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Of course if he is sleeping around with guys it will get out. Some people will say or do anything for attention.

      2. LOL…this made me think of your post a while back”Derek Tramel Is Feelin’ Lonely”. He got the attention he wanted.

  1. LOL…I love how he states that he KNOWS he’s handsome with a great body! Confidence is sexy…that statement just comes across rather arrogant, and THAT ain’t sexy AT ALL. but notice how he treads the line very carefully…”gays dudes are some of the realist (obviously he flunked spelling tests) people I know, they keep it 100 like a real man should.”
    But here’s the line that caught my eye, “and I fucks with that” Hmm. LOL

    1. ^good eye c!
      his whole statement was pretty interesting.
      he kinda out his fingers in his mouth with something that could be picked apart by master f-bi specialists.
      this could get interesting.

  2. My fox senses are telling me a sex video is about to be leaked on MyVidster and someone is gonna claim that’s him getting fucked o fucking a guy.

    1. ^he needs to follow steven beck’s way of handling tumors.
      let people talk and not address anything.
      the less you say about your sexuality and secrets is usually the better.

  3. now i see how animals are still getting caught up.
    this was posted under his comments:


    …and that is from a vixen.
    so yeah…
    that’s that easily “flim flammed”.

  4. I disagree with you.I thought his statement was gay friendly.Why not say he is not gay but he has no problem with gays and he has gay friends.A few months ago exotic dancer,Suki,posted a similar comment on his IG.Except his statement was “He is gay” and directed at all the thirsty females coming on his page posting inappropriate comments.Hell at least Derek didn’t say “I don’t f#ck with that gay stuff”.I don’t know if he has had sex with men or not.I don’t know if he is an escort.It really doesn’t matter because his statement didn’t address that.He didn’t say I have never been with a man.His statement addressed how he identifies.He doesn’t identify as gay or bisexual.

    Imagine he was black/biracial and looked white and posted a statement saying I am not white to all the people who keep asking.Would you you have a problem with him clearing up that misinformation? On Real Housewives of Potomac there is a housewife named Robyn.She is extremely fair skinned yet she makes a point of saying she is Black,not mixed,not biracial.What’s the difference? She is obviously mixed raced but both her parents identify as Black,she identifies as Black and she doesn’t want to be called biracial or mixed.

    I have said this before but your(used in the general sense) opinion is not my(again used in the general sense) reality

    1. ^i also see your point yc.
      i can count on you for the uppercut from the left.
      so maybe is is straight and just gay friendly?
      that is a good angle.
      the foxvine has only been talking.
      no one really has any proof of his alleged activities.

      this is some good discussion.

    2. I agree Y Colette. He’s not the most eloquent speaker, but nothing he said was offensive. He just answered the question and set the record “straight” <<hehe. He wasn't making a fuss about it, he was speaking his truth ( or what he wants the public to believe is his truth). Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes speaking about the issues is the best way to deal with it. People are still going to believe what they want to believe, but at least his supporters know it came from the horse's mouth. Now if he keeps talking about it, then that will become very suspicious, at least, to me, as in, why are you drawing so much attn to it? Didn't we clarify this? lol.

      State your piece and then let it be!

    3. I totally agree Y Colette , I was expecting the worst but his comment was nice. He didn’t go off on the dude or put down gays at all ( like a lot of these attentionistos will do). He may have come off a little cocky but I don’t see any thing wrong with his comment.

  5. Yea, rumors come with the lifestyle you live and the people you surround yourself with. Honestly, I do not believe him lol. He is very good friends with Beck…and he is in Atlanta, but I digress.

    S/N: Reading his comment really made my head hurt.

  6. If you don’t mind can I be a little analytical with his statement? The first line “If I had a dollar for all the times I get asked this I’d be rich” My theory is when a vast group are all of the same mind to ask the same question, there is a reason it’s being asked and having a handsome face and nice body usually isn’t a reason to question a mans sexuality.

    Next line “I know I’m a handsome guy with a nice body does that make me gay” When you put your body on display for no other reason than to entice the public i.e. iphone video of you in a towl down to your pubs, expect that you will have various groups of a sexual society taking notice and responding to the lustful presentation you are presenting. It makes you straight to one group of society, it makes you gay to another. As a modern day man of society you would already know this so my theory is you aren’t offended by either groups assumtion and clearly enjoys the attention from both.

    “Some of my closest friends are gay or bi I dont have anything against gay people in all honesty gay dudes are some of the realist I know they keep it 100 like a real man should and I fucks with that” ……. Well that just screams of Innuendo. None of your “closest” friends who or gay or bi have ever propositioned you before? If not then they aren’t really keeping it real or 100. But he did say he fucks with that. Like a real man should.

    “Just because I have gay friends doesn’t mean that I am gay or bi “lol” todays world is just ignorant”…… Realize that he still kept the door open to the question with the “lol” he just added a bit of morality to it by throwing in a little guilt for judging people based on who they surround themselves with.

    All in all I say he did a pretty good job, he enticed every group to keep lusting after the pecks an the pretty face without Alienating a fan base by saying something stupid.

    1. Paulyrical…you and I see eye to eye on this one. Ol’ boy took some classes on how to address the media outlets…don’t alienate your fan base, whichever fan base it may be!! LOL

    2. I personally have a point of contention when people lead with “I know I have a nice body and face” < I know many are judged first by their looks, but I feel like it's always presumptuous to make the claim that you are universally attractive. I know other people like this guy, but he does nothing for me, so it's not something that everybody believes. It's not just him. Even in (many) foxmails, people describe themselves as attractive, or very attractive, or use some sort of number : "i'm an 8" <<< To whom? The people that like you? …

      Just one of those things that makes me cringe a little, and automatically tells me certain things about how you view yourself and your value to others, AND how you judge others as well. He could say what he said, but he pretty much lost me at that "handsome and nice body" line lol. I know it's basically his "thing" so ofc he would mention it, but he made the assumption in that statement that that is the only reason why people would assume he's gay which you touched on as well @Paulyrical.

      NOT TRUE (@ Derek)!

      1. Well it’s sad to say but many of the black women I know assume an attractive,masculine black guy is gay or DL,especially if he is well groomed.You would be shocked by how often I hear,”He is too fine,he’s probably gay” or “He is too good looking he is probably gay”.I hear it daily.Yet they never accuse unattractive masculine guys of being gay.LOL.I think black women have become almost paranoid as more masculine men come out or are outed.

      2. Yes, I know those types very well. I don’t think many people in general take a little time to get a feel for the person before they make that judgment. Either their “in love within 24 hours” or the opposite extreme where they are being accused of all sorts of stuff solely by their looks.

        It’s quite fascinating, but I won’t deny the effect that appearance has on all of us, whether we want to admit it or not. It’s hella important, but it’s very telling when people lead with that in their own self-descriptions. Hm.

      3. Wait. There is nothing wrong with feeling yourself. He is acknowledging his good looks and there is nothing wrong with that. Many men in the lifestyle suffer from self-esteem issues, therefore, when they see a man with confidence, they shame him or subconsciously believe it is out of the norm. You can have confidence and be humble.

      4. @ The Man, That’s true, but I actually alluded to the same self-esteem issues. Nothing wrong with “feeling yourself”, I’m all for it, but I was trying to make the point that many people in the “life” have such low self-esteem that they put their whole value into their looks. Some feel too ugly, and the others, act like that is the only and best thing that they have to offer to the world. They both have self-esteem issues, and they come from the same place of feeling worthless.

        the point is to place value on yourself aside from your looks, like your character, work ethic, and perhaps accomplishments. I’m not criticizing someone for having confidence, and in the case of Derek, my point is a little mute (as I stated above) because his brand IS his looks, but in general, there is a problem -especially in “the life” of valuing others and being valued by one’s looks. It goes beyond gay people. It’s become a human thing.

    3. In other words, what he’s saying is, “If I got it, then hell yeah I’m going to flaunt it! I have every reason to show off my sexy body because everybody else does it and I can careless about what people think because I’m sexy!” But that’s the problem with Derek: He’s too fucking open with his privacy! He wants attention just as much as the next guy, but for what? That’s what grinds my gears! *scoul face*

    1. I don’t think he really knows how to suck dick. Maybe should practice with a dildo or bananas or cucumbers or pickles if you catch my drift.

  7. @Y Colette…yeah, there are many black women that fall into that stereotype. They don’t want the man who takes care of himself, looks and carries himself professionally. Nah, they’d rather have the brotha who looks like he hasn’t had a bath in days and stands on the corner all day with no career aspiration other than to be the next Scarface or Pablo Escobar, LOL
    And those are the ones more likely to give or take dick up the ass, as well as bang a sista! Go figure.

  8. That’s interesting @ Y Colette so basically you’re saying that if a guy is too good looking and has style he is suspect….and the opposit of that …..well you probably wouldn’t give him the time of day. So what is the middle ground? Do women want the slightly Dilapidated guy they can fix up/remodel/upgrade until he is dressed as the very man they said looked gay? The majority of these ballers everyone is clamoring to have dress as well or better than any gay guy I know of, and we no none of them are gay…………….

    1. Acutally it’s funny that we’re talking about this because I am in the process of moving into a new place and my biggest concern thus far is not to decorate to were it looks “gay”. When I google decor I always include the word “masculine” just to view the difference in a regular look vs a single man living alone look.

      1. LOL! That’s funny! It’s like you’d have to have a room that deliberately clashes with the other rooms just so it won’t come across as “too coordinated”=gay lol. I feel you though.
        You can’t go wrong with Earthy colours or a monochromatic type look IMO, I could be wrong though. Congrats on the new place!

        I couldn’t imagine being straight for those reasons. I feel like everything is a mind game to calm people’s fear of the worst=being gay. Even as a gay guy it’s no better(let’s say, a bottom in this case), you have to be masc/but not too masc, because then you won’t attract tops etc. Kinda feels like damned if you do, damned if you don’t, so you might as well just do you lol. That goes for your new place as well Paul.
        Mind games everywhere!

    2. The woman I know,including my female relatives,are suspicious of extremely good looking masculine guys.They think average looking masculine guys are less likely to be gay or DL.Most straight women think there are two types of Black gay men,effeminate fashionable gay men or extremely good looking masculine guys.Personally I know most gay guys are average looking masculine guys.I was just on YouTube the other day debating a guy who said 75 percent of gay men are feminine.I said most gay men are masculine, people just assume they are straight because they don’t fit the stereotype.

      It drives me insane when I hear people say a guy “doesn’t look or act gay”.Gay guys are handsome,homely,fat,thin muscular,masculine,feminine…

      1. I know alot of the black community would rather accept an effeminate fashionable black gay man than to have a masculine black man come out as gay. Its like a betrayal if you masculine and black and successful. Now you on the DL, you trying to pass, you are embarrasing the community, nobody wants to see that shyt. But if you on fashion queens in red bottoms your entertaining, your BFF, your staying in your lane.

  9. I don’t understand why he feels the need to address this. Someone sent him a private DM and instead of replying back privately or ignoring it, he chose to use it as a PSA. Derek doth protest too much but if he wants to live a lie, go for it. I know what’s real tho.

    1. I have seen similar comments on his page before that’s probably why he is addressing it.A woman asked him if was gay a few weeks ago on his IG.So may be he wants to set the record “straight”.

      1. Y Colette,

        Yes, he did lie. He said he wasn’t gay or bi yet I know for a FACT that he has had sex with at least one guy that I know of for a fact. And he also was willing to be a sugar baby for the right price. That’s why I said he’s living a lie.

      2. Actually he didn’t say I am not gay or bi.He said just because I have gay friends doesn’t mean I am gay or bi.Has he ever said he has never had sex with a man? There is a difference between sexual behavior and sexual orientation.He can have sex with men and not identify as gay or bi.Don’t try to define another’s person sexual identity.

        BTW I identify as a straight woman and I have had sex with a woman.My cousin,Tina, is a lesbian who has sex with her sugar daddy.I guess we are living a lie,as well.Are you living a lie or are you out and proud about all your activities?If a family member ask you have you ever been with prostitute will you answer yes or no? Because if you don’t answer yes ,you are living a lie.

      3. Ok. Now I’m confused. LOL
        How can you have sex with another man or woman and not identify as bi or gay? If you have sex with someone of the same sex, you are categorized as gay/homo. If you have sex with both sexes, you are categorized as bisexual/freak.
        Please explain your comment.

      1. @Y Colette…I think that most people are just saying that he should say nada because if he has skeletons in his closet, this recent rant could bring those skeletons to the forefront. If you not 100% certain no one has something on you….keep the mouth shut! With the amount of spiteful people out there nowadays with no fucks to give…this would be the perfect opportunity to knock him off his high horse, so to speak.
        He received a DM….he should’ve left that convo private, as it was meant to be.
        No one that follows him knew he received that DM. If it angered him, he could’ve simmered on that question in private. Now if it was posted PUBLICLY, then he would’ve been justified in that comment.
        Truth be told….I think he just opened a can of worms!!

      2. Nowhere in his statement did he say he was straight.Nowhere in his statement did he say he hasn’t had sex with a man.He does say some of his closest friends are gay or bi.He does say gay men are some of the realist men .He does say he has nothing against gay people.The lady asked him if he likes women or men and he didn’t answer that question.
        As I said before I have personally seen comments on his page asking the same question .A woman asked ,”Are you gay” on his page a few weeks.He ignored the other comments asking about his sexuality.I guess today he decided to address it.If someone wants to out a guy who hasn’t made homophobic statements,who has gay friends,who praised gay men,etc… Oh well go for it. I hope they get outed as well.

      3. I know that he neither confirmed or denied being gay or sleeping with men in his comment. And to your point, there were people that posed the question to him PUBLICLY on his page, however I find it odd that he chose to answer the question from someone that asked him that question PRIVATELY..and put THAT person on blast. As I said before, that was something he could’ve let go. But perhaps he was angry about something else at the time he read that, and let his frustration seethe over into that.
        And you should know that some gay men are drama queens who thrive on mischief and trouble…so if they get an opportunity to out someone (and try to get 15 minutes of fame by doing so), you can expect it to happen.

  10. This Post has cause alot of people to express their feeling and it’s a good thing. We may not all agree but we do have the right to express it.

  11. Derek Tramel for the win! Anything that has folk talking about you instead of some other attention whore is a good thing! Anonymity, not controversy, is death.


  13. don’t understand why he felt obligated to address the question. That said his statement DOES NOT appear to be defensive.

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