Taylor Swift Will Ask “Is This Call Being Recorded?” Going Forward


you know it’s bad when kim kardashian exposes you.
so it’s one thing to lie with no receipts.
you can easily say you didn’t do something with no proof.
it’s another to lie,
but then have the alleged truth on a phone call played on snapchat.
that’s where kim kardashian comes in.
so taylor swift got exposed for her alleged lying ways.
in the media,
she was livid about the verse from ye’s “famous” song:

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex
Why? I made that bitch famous (God damn)
I made that bitch famous…”

…but behind the scenes,
it seems like she was okay with ye using it on the track.
kim kardashian,
who knows a thing or two about being recorded,
had a discussion about it on “that show” she is on:

…and posted these hints on twitter as to what was going to happen:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 6.44.51 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 6.44.37 PM
she played it for the world to hear via her snapchat


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 7.01.11 PM

When-Youre-Trying-Throw-Shade-Bush-Your-Waywell this doesn’t look good for taylor.
well she tweeted this to defend herself:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 6.34.43 PM

giphy-1it also doesn’t look good for ye either.
it’s all fun,
black twitter,
and great hashtags now.
taylor is a master media manipulator.
i bet her team is in 24 hour damage control meetings as font.

Isn’t it also illegal to record someone’s convo without knowledge?

…and let’s hope kim k doesn’t have any secrets at her expense.
this could also be a publicity stunt for two dying brands.
it can also help taylor swift shed her “good girl” image.
either way,
this is all very entertaining


…and i’m allow the mess.

lowkey: i have questions:

why didn’t taylor respond to the “famous” video?
is this why kim went to the snapchat offices?
this coincidentally happened the night of the “kuwtk” show?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Will Ask “Is This Call Being Recorded?” Going Forward”

  1. I’m with Taylor on this one, Kim and Ye are always up to some sneaky ass shit. He didn’t mention he was going to say he made the bitch famous in that video, who cares about the sex line.

    Taylor is far from a good girl right now though. She’s going to work on Calvin, she’s pissed about that song he released with Rihanna 😂

    1. Stop trying to make Taylor a victim. That’s her problem. She is being rewarding for doing fucked up shit and then playing the victim. Kim did what any other woman would have done. Taylor ex boy friend checked her pasty ass, when she lied about writing that song for Rhianna. She goes out of her way to be “victimized.”

      1. There’s so much shit wrong with what you just said. Ye is out here calling that girl every name in the book, he’s making her the victim by himself. Kim is far from a good woman, we all know Ye is losing his damn mind and she loves the attention it brings if anything. Calvin wrote that song with Taylor and when they broke up he chose to be a shady bitch, releasing it with Riri.

    2. Yeah…that “good girl” is gone! We about to see a whole ‘nother side of Taylor by the time her next disc is released! She was heading toward the “dark side” with some of the tracks on her last disc, but I think she about to just blow that image all to shreds and unleash whatever alter ego she has. LOL

  2. I’m pretty sure Taylor’s people are freaking out over this. For years she has been groomed to be this girl who is all about antique shopping and slumber parties. So I’m sure this little incident is messing up everything they formulated. I don’t see anything wrong with what Kim did. It showed that Kanye was honest when he said he talked to her before the song came out.

    Side note: she has dated everyone under the moon but has never been called a hoe. But let (insert any female celebrity name) date 2 or 3 guys and they are described as fast or loose.

    1. Exactly Chris. I’m not a hater but I can’t listen to any music she puts out, I never got the hype of her at all. I’m with Kim and Kanye on this one. Kanye seemed so honest and sweet on the phone with her, then she turns around and slap him in his fast. Taylor Swift fits the description of naive passive aggressive white woman that I can’t stand, sorry had to say it.

  3. Sadly, I couldnt tell you one song this White Woman sang but if I am not mistaken, I have read that some of her ex-boyfriends have been a little pissed with her writing songs about them without their knowledge and now she wants to cry. Typical snow vixen behavior, they love to play the victim all the while keeping shit going and throwing rocks while hiding their hands. This chick is worth like 200 million dollars so she is going to be alright no matter what people say about her, I am sure she has a legion of loyal fans who loves her bland singing.

  4. Taylor Swift is a pretty, blonde, blue eyed white chick that not only sings catchy songs, but writes them as well. She’ll be alright regardless of what Kim and Kanye and anyone tries to do.

    She’s moving albums period and putting up numbers your favorite artist can’t even fathom.

    Obviously Kanye is using Kim as his mouthpiece, but he needs to be worried about his own career. You take away the theatrics he uses and his music is pretty basic as of late. I’d take a J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar album over a Kanye West Album and I wouldn’t pay to see his concert. Why was it imperative to even mention Taylor in the song anyway?

    Anyone can tell Kanyes career has been on a downward spiral. Just like Tyga, Reggie Bush, Lamar Odom. You notice a common theme?

      1. Notice they’ve never let any of these pineapples affect their coins?

        They shed a few tears on the show and keep it moving.

        Idk what E is going to do when they finally have to end that show. I’ll give it 5 years if that. They’ve based the whole channel programming around them. No variety at all.

  5. Jamari to answer your question: majority of US states have what’s called “one party” recording laws meaning that as long as one person involved knows the call/interview is being taped then no law is broken. The states that require both parties to know a recording is happening are Cali, Conn, Florida Illinois Maryland Massachusetts Montana New Hampshire Pennsylvania and Washington State.

    Now I’m not sure about long distance calls i.e. a call from someone in Texas to another in Florida but Kim and Ye knew about the recording…

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