tamika smith, method man’s wife, decided to come for aunt wendy’s neck for the disrespect

aunt wendy is out here causing a stir,
ain’t she?
she on some “shit ain’t going right for me so i’m destroying all” type of time.
method man’s wife,
tamika smith,
decided to speak her side after being on the other end of wendy’s venom.
this is what she posted on her ig today…


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i didn’t peep one “nah, the bitch is lying about fuckin’ my husband” in this ig statement.

that is usually clarified first.

so i have a few thoughts about all this.
i could be wrong,
but this is what’s going through my head over this.

i feel like something went down and wendy got in her feelings over meth,
which is why she got really vicious about hurting him with outing his wife’s cancer diagnosis.
if they did smash,
did meth promise her more just to get some pussy?
as males,
we will promise someone the whole forest just to get some ass.

realistically tho,
meth actually did come after wendy when this went down.
i mean he allegedly had the goons looking for her.
tamika stayed silent for many years,
but meth was actually out to get wendy.


i hope she barked on meth too.
some vixens love going after the side hoe,
but they never go after the husband/ boyfriend who cheated.

wendy was really fucked up to do this tho.
i can’t even justify how nasty that was to do that to tamika.
to add insult to injury,
she revealed she allegedly fucked her husband too.
if wendy didn’t believe in karma,
the way how her life has ended up,
she should start.
let this be a lesson for everyone.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “tamika smith, method man’s wife, decided to come for aunt wendy’s neck for the disrespect”

  1. Why is she so upset???
    Wendy married Kevin in ‘97 & Meth married in ‘99
    It’s obvious this hookup happened in the early 90’s Wutang Days & Wendy exposing her cancer was in the early 2000s & Wendy was just doing her job being messy.
    Their all grown now & Wendy was just telling her truth.
    A hit dog really will holler!

    1. Why is she so upset? This can’t be a serious question. This woman literally invaded her privacy for years, spilling the beans to the world on her battling cancer. No matter how many years ago it was, that’s intrusive AF and can cause trauma. Her medical history is not the masses business. The woman could’ve died. That’s like you having HIV, and wanting to keep it a secret and someone out of no where exposes you. I swear people feel like just because people are celebs that they have some magic resilience, and become insensitive towards them. They’re people too. Just because her job is too be messy, there is no excuse to stoop that low. She can tell her truth without hurting other people. She’s a despicable BITCH.

      1. I’m flummoxed as to y he said why is she upset. Like…are we on a different courtesy wavelength nowadays?

        Is we not gonna respect people? Their privacy? At all?!

      2. ^you are right.
        tamika is a victim of wendy’s malice.

        she has every right to speak out about her trauma especially when wendy revealed she slept with her husband back in the day.
        i feel like meth really hurt wendy and she lashed out in trying to destroy him.
        diddy was another that she was really nasty too.

  2. Wendy is a nasty piece of work. Everything Tamika said is true and I can’t wait for Wendy’s kingdom to completely crumble so she can humbly sit her ass down. Enough of the shock jock bullshit and just get back to true journalism. She’s literal walking scum.

  3. Let’s all remember, THIS is how Wendy started her career; telling people business. She hasn’t changed and her Karma is coming back to her. She can’t make a movie worth shit cause this and that Aaliyah movie was horrible. She told only bits and pieces and even in the movie, she didn’t tell nothing about Method Man but she did say Eric B. fucked the dog shit outta her and used her. Wendy is only reporting what she READS and takes the heat for their research. She just the messenger because if it wasn’t written, Wendy is not going to talk about it. I’m not defending her in any way but facts is facts. Everything she says, its already written somewhere. Even her Hot Topics she say what she read or heard and she uses “allegedly” to cover her ass. She found the perfect legal way to say what people are writing about.

  4. Look how many times she has gave advice on Ask Wendy about leaving a man that’s cheating and Kevin was cheating on her left and right.

  5. Tamika has every right to be mad but she cant get mad at the messenger. Wendy may have leaked it on National Radio/TV but it was already written somewhere. How did she get the information? Whoever told Wendy is the one she needs to be mad at it. Your own people will sell you out for a check.

  6. Look she is giving Method way too much credit. Does she really believe he carries that much weight in the white circles Wendy is in with her tv show, that mentioning his name would boost Wendy’s profile. GTFOH. Also, get mad and eat her ass up about the cancer not about some old 90’s hookup.

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