when they see you as “the threat”, you have ruined their lunch

there are certain people who see you as “the threat“.
people have tried to destroy others over jealousy and envy.
you didn’t necessarily do anything to provoke them.
you were just being you and they hated it.
i’ve been labeled “the threat” on countless occasions.
i’ll start out really cool with some folks,
but suddenly:

Jamari Fox is a threat

i’ve been on the threat status because:

Males they wanted have shown signs of wanting to smash me stupid
People genuinely took a liking to me
They got intimidated by my talent

all kinds of weirdo shit,
but here i am thinking the person is cool af and i’m cheering them on.
the thing about me

I don’t care what other people are doing

i really don’t.
i don’t see anyone as a threat to career goals because i’m genuinely happy for others.
i’ve been around other bloggers and i’ve genuinely given them their flowers.
i’ve shown love to others and neglected my own brand.
others (who aren’t even in my field or lane) have thrown me under the bus,
tried to ruin my reputation,
all off of some one-sided beef they created in their head.

i’m confused because it was all good bout a week ago.

Your man, or man you like, wanting to fuck me is not my problem
Your feeling left out that people think I’m dope is not my problem
Your feeling insecure over my talent is not my problem

half the time,
these folks have more going on than me!!!!!
it has made me ask myself on countless occasions:

What is about me that makes people see me as the threat?

…especially when i’m not out here being malicious or hurting others.
it baffling when you’ve shown someone a ton of love,
but they aren’t on the same page as you.

the only time i’ll say i saw someone as a threat is over a wolf.
he had narc tendencies and did/said things that made me feel jealous of a third party.

“Why are you acting like this?
are you jealous of _____?”

yeah because of you making this competition for your personal enjoyment,
you fuckin’ asshole.
that’s that juicy “packed full of nutty goodness” of narc triangulation right there.
watch out for those types of males.
they are NEVER worth it in the end.

the thing is someone could have more success,
more followers,
or likes than you.
that has shit to do with you.
there are folks with all those things and are complete demon bts.
i know so many people who are “the shit” online but are nasty af in real life.
trust me,
i’ve met a few.

Has anyone ever seen you as the threat?

lowkey: some gays will see you as the threat for no reason at all.
straight blacks will see you as the threat for no reason at all.
lunches will be ruined just being you. 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “when they see you as “the threat”, you have ruined their lunch”

  1. Way too many times than I can remember and much like you, I was always fine with these people and I had no issues with them or were happy for them. For the ones you don’t know, you walk into the room and it’s like they’ve been in an accident because their faces are all messed up.

    1. ^people need to come with a warning label.
      here i am supporting others,
      telling people how amazing they are,
      and i’m getting thrown under the bus.

      … yet they are upset when you stop fuckin with them because of there nonsense.

      1. “… yet they are upset when you stop fuckin with them because of there nonsense.”

        That’s the part right there. People really expect you to keep dealing with them, regardless of what they say or do, even though they would not tolerate it from others. The hypocrisy and self-absorption are deadly.

  2. Yes. First moved to New York and had a friend we’d sit up for hours chatting. Apparently his friends asked about me often when we all began to hang out with me being a newbie to the city years ago and he stopped inviting me out. I’m quite withdrawn from a lot of social circles because none of these people will help you if your life is going bad bc they don’t have it themselves so I make sure I’m set first and mind my business for the most part. Where does popularity get the broke gays ? When you’re an adult (hint: contrary to popular belief, you aren’t an adult until you pay all your bills) you can’t worry about who likes you. The couch queens have all the time in the world to carry on and argue and fight over dick and drugs, since it’s all they have.

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