ya’ll want to fuck @saybryant so this is why he’s not on the canceled list

i’m starting to believe there isn’t a “cancel culture“.
there is a “sit yo ass in the corner and think about what you did” culture.
 i had to wonder…

Do people truly get canceled?

it took years for trump to get canceled and he still has folks who support him.
most gays claimed they were canceling attentionisto,
over his alleged colorism.
( x we talk about him here )
i haven’t heard about him for a minute until he did the #silhouettechallenge with his boyfriend

and by himself:


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…and it seems like all has been forgiven.
@nicosaesthetics had some tweets to bring folks back to reality:

so here are a few reasons why saybryant won’t get canceled:

He has a nice bawdy and pipe
He is someone people want to fuck
He is someone showing gays that he can fuck
He is cocky and doesn’t gaf
He is someone who will give you his ass to kiss

a lot of “fuckin” there.
until he isn’t a fantasy anymore,
he may get canceled.
some gays like to kick up dust,
but show them some abs and a sex tape and they’ll pipe down.
i’ve even been guilty of the nonsense at times.
i’m more concerned about his large stan base coming to his defense.
i guess the reasons i’ve listed is the reason why.

lowkey: serial killers had idiot she-jackals who didn’t cancel them.
wasn’t it ted bundy who had some of them dressing up as his victims to get chosen?

According to Michaud, multiple women — identified as “groupies” — showed up at the courthouse during Bundy’s trial dressed like his victims.

There was an assumption about Ted’s victims: that they all wore there hair long, parted in the middle, and wore hoop earrings,” Michaud explained. “So, women would come to court with their hair parted in the middle, wearing hoop earrings. A couple of them even dyed their hair the right kind of brown. […] They wanted to appeal to Ted.”

even serial killers don’t get canceled.
someone is gonna fuck with you regardless if you’re a demon.

article cc: oxygen

8 thoughts on “ya’ll want to fuck @saybryant so this is why he’s not on the canceled list

  1. He can’t be canceled because he was never valid. Cancellations are for actual celebrities not ig models

  2. Can I just say people continue to choose to do this challenge incorrect just to show their dick and im just over it.

    Back to him I saw the video he’s okay tbh I can’t really tell you what his face looks like cause im more into the body. But im good now that I’ve been reminded of these comments.

    1. ^i find some of the vixens are being artistic with it.
      the males are all about the meat lol

      i like the ones that are creative,
      but i won’t cap and say i’m not down with the smut too 😂

  3. I was never into him when you first discussed it and never will. Comments like his are truly disgusting. He’s a dime a dozen. There are far more humble and better looking men than him. Next…

  4. His body>>> his face
    All the filters to look light skin and still mediocre and looks vapid, which, based on his comments, he is, as well as an imbecile

  5. I hope people are not giving him attention and money for his only fans, because those comments got him cancelled on my end. Thank God I like all shades of men!

  6. Who is this young man? What needs to be cancelled (aside from this 50 feet of snow outside) is gay men allowing any half decent looking man w a nice body on a lean frame think that he is relevant enough to be discussed.

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